Sweet Sunday

2 Mar 2008


" Throughout Australia's history by far the majority of Australian women found their lives devoted to the role of home-maker, caring for the house and the family. A woman provided comfort and warmth for the children and her husband, whether their home was a bush humpy, a stringybark roofed cottage, a mud and daub dwelling or a large city house of brick or stone. She decorated the house and made it a home. The arrival of women at any dwelling place always meant a higher standard of living, cleanliness and order, however poor the family.

In Australia, within colonial pioneering families, high value was placed on women as partners in domestic life. Most men believed that wives would be an economic asset provided they were frugal and industrious. In addition to their assistance as helpmates in the labour and produce of the home, they made it a more gentle and pleasant environment for husband and children....

The rigid separation of roles in 19th century society meant that women had gifts which men did not - they could sew and mend, make clothes, cook, and make do with little. With feminine touches such as flowers and curtains, they could lift the spirits in the harsh new environment. "

The Gentle Arts.- 200 years of Australian women's domestic and decorative arts

by Jennifer Isaacs 1987

10 Responses to “Sweet Sunday”

  1. Wow...that is powerful. I especially enjoyed that first paragraph.

    A higher standard of living...but of course! :o)

  2. How lovely! I wonder if there are similar books about pioneer American women.

    It is always good to know it is a GOOD thing to love making our homes warm and cozy (or cool and cozy) for our families.

  3. Hi Still at Home, I think the yarn is very similar to what you are using at the moment isn't it.

  4. Wonderful thoughts. Warm, cozy, caring...home!

    I like the book Homemaking as A Social art.

  5. I love what you are knitting. Is it a sweater and could you tell me what the yarn is called ? It's beautiful.



  6. Hi Jenny

    The Gentle Arts has been in my book collection since it was published all those years ago. It's well worth a read for those unfamiliar with it.

  7. Hi Lizz, I have been wanting to read "Homemaking as a Social Art" for a long time. it isn't available through the library here.

  8. Hi Mary, the yarn is Patons Jet, a 10 ply wool/alpaca mix, the colourway in number 6.It's wonderful to knit with and grows really quickly.

  9. Hi Rhonda, it's a great book isn't it.


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