A simple family day

24 Mar 2008

I must admit that the thought of Easter lunch at my mum's wasn't filling me with much hope of a brilliant day .
There were going to be some "difficult" personalities put together and the possibility of friction. I was so wrong.

The day was perfect, lots of really interesting discussions with respect shown for each other's life experience and an acceptance of people's shortcomings. There was the minimum of posturing and condescension from those who feel they must let everyone know their position i
n life and tolerance shown when they did.

The food was great with contributions from many cooks. Mum had made all sorts of pastry delights plus a trifle for dessert.
My offerings were stuffed eggs on a green salad with some just found cherry tomatoes that had self seeded down near the chicken house and ripened with perfect timing.. The vivid yellow of our hens' eggs with the greens and bright red of the tomatoes just shouted "eat me", I also made some spicy chicken morsels ( known to the children as Mumma's Chicken) and for dessert I made a truly delicious Lemon Delicious with more of our eggs and some lemons from a friend, just perfect after all the chocolate indulgences of the morning.
Small chocolatey gifts were given and received with pleasure. We ate outside on the deck overlooking the garden and the weather was perfect.

There was one downside as my little nephew who has been unwell for about a month spent the night and day in hospital only to be discharged without a solution to his problems.

After lunch while the children played cricket, several of us went for a walk to see the results of the recent bushfires and check out the neighbourhood to see what changes they are making to my childhood territory. It was all so dry and ready for another fire.
More and more building is going on, the bushland is getting smaller. The field behind my parent's house where I spent many happy hours as a child was built over more than 15
years ago.
The bushland in front of their house, my other playground, has been made into a nature reserve and so it is safe though it does seem to have been tampered with, perhaps sanitised a little, new "built" paths are appearing rather than human made bush tracks of so many years that were made by the users of the bush rather than by the maintainers of the reserve.
I often feel that the people who have lived in an area for several generations and have a genuine connection with the land of that area are forgotten, our memories are built over and reshaped and places that were magical to me as a child and could have be
en magical to my children are lost forever. That's progress I guess.

The day ended late and we came home to a supper of coffee/glasses of milk and just a few more chocolates and some silliness before one by one the weary headed off to bed.

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  1. It snowed a little on our Easter today (Midwest, USA).

    I attended a church for many years where the pastor always gave a talk before Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas about... shall we say... living with difficult people?

    I remember many Easter celebrations with my very critical in-laws where my stomach churned for a week before we went. However, my children have wonderful memories so it was all well worth it.

    So glad your day was a good one. (We're having the same thing happen about land use, except for us it is farm land being developed for housing.)

  2. Hello Jenny

    Families - who'd have em lol

    Gald you had a good Easter Day

    Take care

  3. I love to read your Blog each day - it reminds me so much of my childhood spent in the Barossa Valley in Sth Australia. I now live on the Gold Coast, and yearn to "go home". I just had to comment today, I couldn't believe my eyes when I read you made a "Lemon Delicious", that's exactly what I made for our family "get together", and it was gone in a flash. Just so refreshing after so much chocolate. My little Nan use to make it when I was a child, and now to think my Grandkids love it. I wonder how many other folk know about Lemon Delicious?

  4. for those that don't know, what is Lemon Delicious? Like a lemon meringue pie? That's the only think I could think of that has lemons and eggs.

  5. Hi Jenny,
    Easter Greeetings to you & your readers. We have spent Easter entertaining family members. My dear MIL has stayed with us for a few days. Easter Sunday lunch was shared with my parents, my MIL & an Aunt I am most fond of. Baked mint chops, scalloped potatoes & a large salad was on the menu, I wish I had your recipe for lemon delicious that would have finished the meal off beautifully.

  6. Absolutely wonderful Larsson paintings!


  7. I was wondering about the Lemon Delicious, too. I make Lemon Bars, which require 4 eggs and fresh lemon juice and zest.

    It sounds like you had a lovely celebration!

  8. So glad your day went well. I hope you're going to share your recipe for Lemon Delicious!

    Love, Tina :)

  9. Your day sounds just lovely. Love the Larsson images. Our day was spent on a farm in deep snow, hunting for signs of spring.

  10. There's such an Australian feel to this post -- I love Easter Down Under!

  11. My parents sold my childhood home many years ago. One day I was in the area and I drove past the house to show my children. The owners had done so much construction on the house, it was no longer recognizable as the home I once knew! Time waits for no one.

  12. Hello Dear Jen, sounds like a lovely gathering.Thanks for sharing and I do pray a healthy recovery for your little nephew.

  13. I can so relate to your apprehension over a family gathering. Getting together with my in-law's can be like that. I'm so pleased that the day ended up being very pleasant for you.

    I'd love to see your lemon delicious recipe. Is yours a self saucing one, or more like a souffle result?

    For those who are wondering, you can google it. You'll find lots of recipes, some with pictures.

  14. PS. I forgot to add in my previous comment to you. My best wishes for a speedy recovery for your nephew. So frustrating when there are no answers, when a loved one is ill, especially a child.

  15. So glad you had a lovely Easter.
    I hope that your nephew will soon be better.


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