Labour Week ahead

11 Mar 2008

Well it's bright and early Tuesday morning and everyone will be up soon to get back to work and school after the labour day long weekend.I have my normal but slightly shortened full week ahead and I'll spend some time later this morning after the family cyclone has passed writing down what I hope to, and have to, achieve this week.

I'm hoping to do an autumn clean, by that I mean a thorough take-the-curtains-down-and-clean-into-the-corners clean.
Stephen has been oiling the window frames over the weekend and exposed the full grottiness of the non sparkling windows, the walls and ceiling in the rooms with fires need washing and my work area... well that may need its own special week of cleaning and tidying.

I'm looking forward to a sparkling clean cottage though it may have to be done in stages, I have dolls to make as well with an order due before Easter, only four dolls but still that involves lots of time to make sure they are well made and pretty. Louis is still jobless this week so ceiling and upper wall cleaning is definitely on the to do list for him and maybe if I smile sweetly and cook his favourites he will do the windows as well.

Better be off now and get things ready for breakfast and beyond.

3 Responses to “Labour Week ahead”

  1. I envy you the desire to do the cleaning that you'll be doing this week. Today is the only day forecasted to be under 30C this week, in Melbourne, so I am enjoying a cool day before things become unbearable.

    I love the way you described in one of the lastest posts about cosying things up ready for the cooler months.

    I long for those cool months and you're right! I need to rid my house of Daddy Long Legs, dust and dirt!!!!

  2. Oh Tracy, it's hot here too maybe not as hot as you but too hot for March. I worked hard in the morning and then I've been taking it easy as the day warmed up.

  3. I hope that your cleaning goes well.
    I had hoped to begin my own Spring cleaning today, but will be doing the cleaning at my Mom's house today instead. That's ok.....glad to be able to help her out!


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