Kindred Spirit

5 Mar 2008


There is a new little dollie in my shop tonight. Her name is Zoe and she is my Kindred Spirit style of Waldorf doll. She is of sturdier stature and cuddlier than the Sweet Heart dolls.

She is wearing knitted clothes rather than the cotton outfits of the Sweet Heart dolls. She is a wonderful cuddle and I just love the colours in the yarn which came from Winterwood. Now Kate is hoping that no one buys her because she thinks Zoe would make a good little sister for her own larger doll but Kate needs another doll like I need a backyard full of roosters.


13 Responses to “Kindred Spirit”

  1. Zoe does look cuddly....lovely!

    Love, Tina :)

  2. Hi Dear Jen,little Zoe is just so sweet. My little grand daughter Jalyn(4 yrs) is here with me and she just loves her. I love the fact your Kate is a doll lover . So many little girls grow out of dolls way to soon in my opinion. I always loved dolls and still do. My other grand daughter is going to eight this month and she cares very little for dolls. This makes me sad. I see her growing up much to fast and getting interested in other things that are way out of her age group. I believe it has so much to do with what our children see here on television. Much of the little girls here in the United States don't even dress like little girls anymore. The clothes they sell in the stores are just little big peoples clothes. Not much ruffles and lace pass the baby stage.

    The little dolls you make are such a rememberance of what childhood should be. A simple time of youth and innocence. Another reason I love coming to visit you. I always leave feeling so blessed.

    Thanks for sharing little Zoe with us.

    God Bless you, Shelley

  3. She is so beautiful! Your dolls are always so lovely. :-)

    I am enjoying your blog.


  4. I love your new dollie, she is simply adorable. You are so very talented. I do so enjoy your blog, it is a peaceful place to visit at the end of the day. :o)

  5. She's a beautiful doll. I have to agree with Shelley, it seems as if children, both boys and girls, are growing up too quickly and leaving behind childhood too soon. Zoe would be a wonderful addition to any doll collection and I am sure where ever Zoe ends up she will bring joy to a young child.

  6. She is lovely but not as cute as mine! Thanks very much Jenny, she arrived the day after I left that comment on your blog. So sorry I didn't let you know straight away.

  7. Oh Jenny,
    She is one of my favorites so far. She is so beautiful. Blessed is the person who gets her. Have a beautiful Thursday. Blessings, Tami

  8. Hi Lazy Cow. I'm so pleased she arrived. So much for express post next day delivery. She is a very sweet doll and I'm so glad you like her.

  9. Hi Jenny,
    Your dolls are beautiful and so well made. I have all the materials from Winterwood to make a steiner doll but just don't have the courage to attempt it. When I do eventually make one will you help me with hair please?


  10. What a lovely lovey!
    I am wondering, could you share with us why this sort of dolly is sturdier than the others?
    Also, I'm curious as to the care and cleaning of your sweet dolls?
    They are just so charming, I'm hoping to someday get one for each of my 5 daughters and my granddaughter. And one for me, too. ;)

    Robin in Ca.

  11. Hi Robin, by sturdier I just mean she is like a sturdy little preschooler, with slightly thicker legs like little ones before they have a growth spurt. She is not of sturdier construction than my other dolls, they are all dolls meant to be played with but kindly of course.
    The dolls are suitable for hand washing and depending on the type of hair they can be washed gently on the wool cycle of the washing machine and spun dry. I usually suggest hand washing because some people might be tempted to just throw them in with the general wash.
    Goodness me a whole wonderful family of girls and a family of dolls, one for each. What a wonderful idea.

  12. Your doll is just lovely! I wonder, could you share the source where you got the knitting pattern for her dress? It's just lovely too! Thank you.

  13. Zoe is so sunshiny and sweet! Congrats on *another* beautiful doll.


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