Friendly Fire

28 Mar 2008


This week, even more than usual, my life has been centred around cooking. With all the children home every day because of the Easter break and the "interstate guest" here every evening for dinner there has been no possible slacking off in the catering department.

We have gone from sultry hot summer days to snuggly cool Autumn weather in the space of a week and now we are enjoying the delights of our old friend, the kitchen fire, to cosy by as we eat our breakfast.

The tomatoes are finally ripe, the chooks are laying beautifully and both eggs and tomatoes have made an appearance at every meal. Last night we ate the last of last year's bumper blackberry harvest. A bag of frozen deliciousness was found at the back of the freezer compartment and a blackberry crumble was the dessert offering after the roast chicken main dish. So easy to make and so good with a little or a lot of whipped cream. Some even like to finish off the one last serve left in the dish for breakfast before they head off to work for the day with their leftover-chicken salad roll safely stowed in their backpack.
Lucky man.


Tomorrow we are going for a walk in the bush, through rainforest to a waterfall ( if the weather is with us). A special request has been put in for apple pie to eat at the post walk picnic. Early in the week Stephen had a day off work to go bike riding with his Dad, a 90 kilometre ride that ended in the driving rain. I'll bet a warm house never looked so good and a hot bath followed by a supper of pea and ham soup ( the Christmas ham bone was another freezer discovery) and fresh warm bread never tasted so good.

I can't believe, though it had to happen of course, that Autumn has finally arrived.


9 Responses to “Friendly Fire”

  1. Probably Autumn feels good to you after the hot weather. Your fire looks so warm and cozy and I can almost smell the eggs cooking.

    Pea Soup and Hot Bread sure does sound like a great meal after riding bikes in the rain. Nothing like a hot shower and a hot meal to make one ready for a nice long nap on the couch!

    Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your day.

  2. I like the autumn colours and the chance to snuggle up by the fire. Sometimes the heat of summer can be a little too much.

  3. Oh how lucky you are Jenny. Due to asthma we have had to resort to a heat pump and we all detest it. Nothing compares to the homely warmth of a wood heater.

  4. You are welcome to her, Jenny! We are interested only in Spring around here...LOL

  5. Oh, Jenny, I love your kitchen wood stove.

  6. Mmmmm so cosy! A wood heater is the one thing I wish this home had.

    I made my first pot of soup for the year this week when we had friends for lunch. We too, are just loving this autumn coolness and oh the rain. We're loving the rain!

  7. Hi Jenny :) Happy Fall! It's one of my favorite times of year, and I hope that you have a glorious one!

    Our spring has begun in earnest here, and it is truly one of the "real-est" springs I can remember. Everything coming along and blooming so nicely and the rains have been wonderful :)

    This post was so friendly and welcoming... makes me want to join you for a visit and a cup of wonderful tea. Love, Q

  8. In our part of the world, we are eagerly looking forward to warmer weather! We are looking for a house in the country so that we can have chickens and goats, but what I really want is a big wood stove! Enjoy your cooler days and sweet time with your family.

  9. What a fun post! I enjoyed your pictures. The stove looks especially warm and cozy. :)


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