22 Mar 2008


Easter is upon us and I find I am full of all kinds of thoughts about how I want the world to be.

Easter is a time of the promise of new beginnings, of renewal, of forgiveness, of sacrifice.

Easter is a family time and for us this year we have a far away family member visiting. A family member whose loudly expounded views are not always close to ours and have been the cause of much of my incessant thinking over the past few days as I rail against his ideas, turn them over, chew on them a little and find I am actually grateful for having my own values tested, and that perhaps we have more in common than we knew.


It is also the time of that beautiful big harvest moon, hanging low in the sky and looking close enough to touch.

You can't help but feel a part of some grand plan when you see such an awesome sight.

You can't help but feel insignificant when you imagine the size of all those wonderous objects that occupy the night sky.

You can't help but feel a connection to all those generations of ancestors who have looked and marvelled at the same harvest moon as they toiled to bring in the foods that would sustain them through the lean months.


I hope you find a quiet place this Easter to reflect, to be grateful for all you have and remember that you are part of a bigger picture, that what you do and how you care for the world and those around you does matter.
Try to find joy in the differences as well as peace in shared values.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts Jenny. Have a blessed Easter with your sweet family. Love, Tami

  2. Happy Easter! SO funny for me to think of Easter as coming at a time of harvest... because naturally here, we are looking ahead to new beginnings and rejoicing at the tiny green leaves. As our political climate is so active and boiling here with primaries and debates, I too am looking at the best way to elect peace, and the best way to elect a leader who can bring viewpoints together, and unite us.. lots of food for thought lately.

    But I will enjoy some time off this week to do that thinking and reflecting, and most of all renewing for the busy planting months ahead.

  3. Have a wonderful Easter Jenny!! Lovely post and what a gorgeous table display!!

  4. Happy to Easter to you and your family Jenny.

    cheers Lenny

  5. Happy Easter to you and yours Jenny.

  6. thanks Jenny for your beautiful post. I have just come home after cooking breakfast for 25 young people from our church who have done the night shift of a 24/7 prayer Easter weekend. They have prayed for peace and unity in this world, starting with each of us personally, in our local area. You show this to all of your readers in every post. Thank you for constantly inspiring, motivating and sharing your life with your readers. Happy Easter.

  7. Happy Easter Jenny,

    We had a guest preacher this Holy Week and he said something that really struck a nerve...he said that Easter is the second greatest 'birth' in the Christian year -- it's the Birth of our own faith. So true. We had a very moving Good Friday service this morning, complete with hot cross buns afterwards.

    Hope you and your family have a lovely Easter weekend.

  8. Jenny, What a lovely post.

    I love love love that last picture...the homespun runner, the little nests of homespun fabric eggs, the little basket of even littler (*smile*) baskets. Oh wait, I love that first picture as well...the dough raising, the marble looking eggs...so much eye candy here!

    May you and your loves have a Peace-filled Easter.
    Shalom, Paula

  9. I read your post quite late tonight and couldn't help marvelling that the harvest moon we saw here just a couple of hours ago was the same one you saw hours and hours ago and half a world away.

    Thanks for the reminder that this really is a small world that we share. (BTW, I think of you often as we use the sweet napkins we exchanged in Rhonda's swap months ago.)

  10. Happy Easter to you Jen and the family as well. Be blessed!


  11. 5:15 AM

    Have a wonderful Easter with your family today and please know that your blog blesses me every day throughout the year. The knitted eggs came out adorable.

    My husband is on staff of our church and today we are having 4 morning services - 6, 8, 10 and noon. He has already left for church and as soon as I finish eating and get dressed, I will leave too - I help with all of the services.

    Be blessed,



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