A Day in My Life, Tomorrow.

13 Mar 2008

I have decided to make the 14th of each month the day I will keep a diary , blow by blow of my ordinary days.
Obviously the 14th falls on a different day each month so I will eventually have a record of a whole week.
If you want to join in that's great and you can use my little "a day in the life" button and let me know so we can see how similar and how different we all are.

So the 14th is tomorrow of course. I'll just post at the end of the day but I'll write down what I do in my trusty notebook.
I intend to jot down details around breakfast time, morning tea time, lunch time afternoon tea time, dinner time and at the end of the evening. I think that is the only way to get enough detail, my almost half way to one hundred brain would not be too tested then and they are times when I would normally be sitting anyway.
Documenting in this way might be like keeping a spending or eating diary - it tends to alter your behaviour a little but not too much I hope.

The aim of this is not to brag about how much or how little I do or to try to stick to a rigid schedule ( yuck - not me at all) but to have an account of my day in as much detail as I care to give so that I can look back and see the pattern of my days.

So you are welcome to join in if you wish and it doesn't matter if the 14th happens to be a day you spend out of the house, housewives don't just do housework and we are not chained to the kitchen sink.
Most of us live full and interesting lives we just happen to do a lot of what we do at home.

EDIT 9pm

Some exciting news:
Several people have decided to join me in
the " a day in my life" project.

They are:

Rhonda Jean posted

Queen Bee

Maggie posted

Jan posted

Quinne posted

Ann posted


Libby posted

Lisa posted

Cathy posted

Molly posted

Maria in NC posted


Charity Grace posted

Tammy posted

Leanne posted

Shan posted

Amy posted

Niki Ruralwritings posted

Carole posted

Flossie posted

Kim posted

Rose Red posted

Kethry posted

Chas posted

Elle posted

Denise posted

Anita posted

Suzie posted

Tracy posted

Goingferal(ish) posted


Precious Peas posted

Sadge posted


Mama Bear

The Crone posted

If you are considering joining in as well you are most welcome.

55 Responses to “A Day in My Life, Tomorrow.”

  1. What a great idea, Jenny. I did a post of my day today. Nice coincidence!

    I'll join in. I think it will be fun and a great record. One of the things I love about keeping a blog is that I can go back and see what I was doing on a particular day.

  2. Hi Rhonda, great minds obviously think alike.

  3. This sounds like a really cool idea - I'd love to take part :)

    Queen Bee

  4. can those of us who work outside of the home participate?

  5. What a good idea. I'll join as well.

  6. Hi Jenny :)
    What a fun idea! Count me in... Love, Q

  7. Hi Jenny,
    I might try this too. A blow by blow of my day may not be too thrilling though.

  8. Jenny, what a cool idea!

    Count me in..I'll e-mail since I don't have a blog, yet :)

    Maria in PA

  9. What a great idea. I'll be joining in.

    Libby (who came in via Rhondas blog)

  10. Jenny, I'm going to do this for the 14th tomorrow. Nice idea. I'll have to tuck a notepad into my waistband to make sure I get it all down! Lisa

  11. Oh this is lovely, I won't be alone. Thank you everyone for signing up.
    love Jenny

  12. Hi Maggie of course you can join in, the more the merrier.

  13. Hello Jenny

    I like this idea.

    Could you add my name to the list please

    Take care

  14. Hello Jenny,
    Not checking for the idea.
    Just to say how much I enjoy your blog (days of previous posts!).
    It's always a pleasure to "check in". Thankyou.

  15. Hi Jenny!

    Love the idea, have already planned my day (although had to change the day)

    Thanks for the use of the button!


  16. Yeah...though I am warning I am a rather boring person lol
    my post will go out Saturday morning for me, which is probably late Saturday night for most of your readers :)
    looking forward to reading everyone's day in the life of....

  17. Jenny,
    What a great idea, count me in, I have done something like that before and liked it.
    BTW, I still have the Carl Larsson postcards I'd like to send you if you want them.
    Maria in NC

  18. I did something similar last year, except instead of words, I took pictures, with my hands in them so I could see what I was up to each hour or so. It was really fun! Link is here:


    (You'll probably have to copy/paste it into your browser.)

    This is a great idea, Jenny! I'll be looking forward to the posts!

  19. I would love to join. I do not have a blog, so I hope it is acceptable to e-mail.

  20. I'd like to join you in this. I do chronicles of my day from time to time, but having a set date each month is a good idea.


  21. What a fun idea.

    In years to come I am sure my family will enjoy reading of what a typical day was like. I know I'd love to be reading what my grandmothers day was like.

    Love Leanne ( New Zealand)

  22. Hi Maria in NC, my husband deleted your email so I couldn't answer. I would love to accept your offer and I'll email soon.

  23. Jenny,

    How lovely! I would love to be included in this. Here is my blog address:


    What a precious way for us to chronicle our lives for future generations.

    Honey Hill Farm

  24. Martha I do remember seeing your "hand" posts.

  25. I would love to join in this! I'm having blogging difficulties presently, but tech-support is working on it. (My entry may be a bit late because of this.) It's a wonderful idea! I love your dolls, by the way. I don't know that I've ever seen a more darling thing than little Zoe. :-)


  26. I would like to join in as well!! I have some interesting months coming up... :)
    Is that OK?

  27. I'd like to join in as well! What a fun idea!

  28. I would love to join! Flossie


  29. Found you from the 'down to earth' blog. What a wonderful idea!

  30. Great idea, I want to join you all too :)

  31. I love this idea Jenny, I will definitely join in!

  32. I love this idea too and will definately be joining you next month with a day in the life in the Yorkshire Dales!

  33. I'd like to join in too!! thanks!

  34. I would like to join this as well! Thanks!! :)


  35. Wonderful idea- I really would like to join in. Btw, I read your blog regularly and it's always so peaceful and lovely.
    Thank you for sharing your day!

  36. It's Friday evening and I'm just catching up on all my favourite blogs (including yours) and would (belatedly) like to join in. I'm very overdue for a post on my blog, so this will be a great incentive to knuckle down.

    PS I visit your blog regularly and just love it.

  37. I would love to join in on this too!

  38. Hi Jenny,
    I took notes yesterday and would love to be included too.

  39. Jenny,
    What a great idea. I'm sure my family will enjoy reading about my day. Count me in.

  40. I come from a link on Rhonda Jean's blog, where I've been lurking for quite a while. Can I play too? I'm late to this post, and new to blogging, but would love to join in. I really enjoy your posts with the seasons topsy-turvy to mine. Perhaps someone would enjoy hearing about life at Firesign Farm in northern Nevada, USA.

  41. Hi!

    I found your blog through my "walk through blog land! Can I join in too? Is it ok to have the logo on my blog? I will do it on another date for this month! Leave me a comment so I know on my blog!
    Thanks.........it will be very very "different" but will alter my posts and I am always looking for ideas for that too! huge thanks!

  42. I'll do this. Not sure yet which day of the month I'll chose.
    Mama Bear

  43. I would love to do this as well if I may. I followed the maze via Goingferal(ish)!

    Word gets around!

  44. I know I'm a little late, but would like to join in too. I wandered over from Tia at "Behind the Child".

    My blog is as follows:

    I enjoyed your post so much, and especially today's post about your kitchen. It's lovely!


  45. Hi. I found your blog through Alesha's xanga (akconklin). I'd like to join, too!



  46. This is such a neat idea. I would love to join you in jotting down on the 14th of every month.


  47. Yes I would love to join. It will be quite interesting to see what everyone does all day.

  48. Hi, I just found your website through reading Tia's blog, and I love your writing and photos! I would love to join in the Day in My Life endeavor. Please add me in! Now I guess I'll just have to set up a blogspot account...

  49. Sorry I'm a little late, but I got it posted. Thanks for doing this!


  50. I just found you after I read Margaretha's A Day in My Life. I think it is a wonderful idea, and I hope to join in September. You have a beautiful blog.

  51. I would love to be added to the list. I have done the last two months. I think it will be pretty interesting to look back after a year or so.

  52. Hi, I found you through Mrs. Anna T's blog, and would love to participate!



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