A Day in My Life, 14th March

14 Mar 2008

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Gee, this was harder than I thought it would be - the discipline of remembering to note down my activities was quite demanding but very interesting.


My day began at 5.45am when I was woken by Shackleton ( the cat not the explorer) who was gently purring and washing herself next to my side of the bed. Into the bathroom and then on to the kitchen to feed the cats and let them out for the day. I left the back door open to let the fresh air start sneaking into the house.

Now what to do, no need to get any bread rolls out of the freezer for lunches because there is fresh bread in the pantry so into the playroom to turn on the computer, check my emails and my blog and shop. Lots more people have signed up for the project.

Back into the kitchen by 6.30 for a coffee and a think about the day ahead:
~ need to wash Andy's cricket whites for tomorrows big game
~ Kate going to a friend's place after school for tea
~ what's for dinner, mum ? I feel like soup but it is supposed to be hot today
~ need to do some doll work today.

Off outside to put the sprinkler on the vegie garden, notice a magnificent sunrise, such a beautiful shade of rose pink. I also noticed all the traffic noise coming up from the valley - yuck.

The radio has been playing ABBA, Bob Dylan and Carol King, I think the presenter on the community radio channel must be of my vintage.


Now for a quick shower, get dressed and put on my apron ready for work.
Wake the children and Stephen and open up the loungeroom windows to air the room.
Set the table for breakfast, just cold cereal and fruit toast this morning.

Start making school lunches and find the last, slightly smelly bit of rice pudding in the fridge. Nobody would be wanting it so I toddled down to the chooks and scrape it out for them and let them out of their house into their yard. Charlie the duck and Biddy are always the first ones out, the three black hens hang back and get themselves organised before they come out.

Back in the kitchen , Kate and Andy are up. Andy is all business and Kate is getting organised in her slightly dreamy way. Last to appear is Stephen.
Lunch making things are away and the lunches are packed.
Breakfast and then they are ready to go.


Wave goodbye, close the gates and head back inside for another cuppa, a slice of fruit toast and another look at the computer but the internet connection fails and I start scribbling away in my notebook instead.

The rooster is crowing ( yes another of the "hens" decided to be a rooster, magnificent fluffy white creature who gets gently placed in a box each night so that he isn't antisocial) to be let out and as it's now after 9am I take him down to the girls then put on a load of washing.

Back inside, wash the breakfast dishes, wipe down the kitchen table and bench tops, tidy up, sweep the floor, wipe down the bathroom around the hand basin as well and give the toilet a scrub. Louis is going to vacuum the rest of the floors later.

I go through the house and do a general tidy, pick up and fluff up. Make Kate's bed for her, she had a lot to organise this morning and didn't get to it.
Back to the kitchen and take a block of butter out of the fridge to soften ready for some baking later in the morning.


Make my bed then bring in a basket of clean dry washing to be folded and sorted and delivered to various rooms. Put fresh towels in the bathroom and deliver the emptied wash basket and the dirty towels to the laundry. hang out the washing, put on a second load.
Put on the kettle and a piece of fruit bread to toast and then join Louis in the sunshine for morning tea.

Congratulations you have made it to 11am.
I think there should be a musical interlude here.
I always consider this the end of the first part of my day.


Now I made time to check my emails and put up the names of the new people who had volunteered to join the Project and I visited the blogs of some of the participants to see if anyone had started posting about their day.


To prolong the morning tea break I did a little dollie knitting and reading then I went out to start baking. First up was a plain cake. Once that was in the oven I hand washed Louis' little Adelaide Crows ( football team) cushions that Andy and I made for him some years ago.


I watered the potplants. Dealt with a phone call about a doll making class in May...


popped some left over pasties in the oven for lunch and browsed through some vintage cook books mum gave me last weekend. Then the cake was ready.


Yummy hot pasties for lunch with tomato sauce to cool them down.


After a quick lunch I made some biscuit mixture and popped the biscuits ( cookies) in to bake.
Time now to hang out the next load of washing and put the last one, all towels , in the machine.


The biscuits only took 10 minutes to cook so there was quite a bit of to and fro-ing to the kitchen interspersed with knitting and reading in the sunshine.


These biscuits are seriously yummy and the recipe is in the picture above the washing machine picture. Everything I do, all day long is accompanied by one or other of our five cats.


This is Maggie supervising my knitting from her vantage point on the back of the couch.


Once all the baking was finished I washed up the lunch dishes and the baking things and wiped down the benches and table and swept and washed the floor.


I brought in all the washing and hung Stephen shirts up straight away to make them easier for him to iron. The last load of washing was put out and the chooks were let out some time during the afternoon ( can't remember when exactly but I know I gave Shackleton a big cuddle at the time) and then it was 4pm and definitely time to sit down for cuppa number four, tea this time and start writing all this onto blogger.


Now its 8.30pm, dinner is over and I'm getting ready to publish this post.

Andy and Stephen arrived home at about 6pm just as I was making the leek and potato soup for dinner.
It has been a hot dry windy day but not as bad as predicted, not really soup weather but that was what I felt like; a smooth, soft soup served up with chunks of buttered bread, soul food. So that's what we had at about 6.30pm.

While we were sitting at the table Kate rang to ask if she could sleep over at her friend's house, I said OK.
Louis is heading out to a farewell party as another of his friends heads overseas.
Andy is in the bath having a long soak and Stephen is watching a DVD on the TV.


The house is winding down.
The windows are still open, the wind has gone and we are enjoying the gentle cool night air.

Brewster the rooster is in his box, the girls are safe in their house, the cats have been fed and are either snoozing or prowling around the garden, Poppy is asleep by the back door.
Once I have finished writing this I will have a look at some of the other project blogs and some other favourites then turn the computer off and relax on the couch, probably with my book and then head off to bed in a couple of hours or so.


I hope my day has entertained you a little.
It was a fairly typical at home day, a bit of this and a bit of that, no time in the garden though because the weather was too yucky.
Reading back over this I get the impression that I find it difficult to stay on track for any length of time but it seems sooner or later, usually later I get it all done.

Back to normal service tomorrow.

ps. Don't forget to check out the other bloggers listed in the previous post who are also chronicling their days.

SATURDAY 15TH am - don't you feel as you are reading everyone's day that you are being welcomed into their homes and allowed to tag along with them, I'm really enjoying reading all other blogs, it's lovely.

23 Responses to “A Day in My Life, 14th March”

  1. Fascinating.

  2. Jenny, I loved reading about your day. Thank you for sharing with us. It is amazing all the small and large things we accomplish when we look at the whole picture. Love your apron! Is it a pattern you designed?
    Blessings to you! Gail

  3. Hi Jenny :) I always enjoy what you share about your days! It always feels like I am spending a little of it there with you. Thanks so much for a fun idea. Love, Q

  4. Thanks for sharing your day Jenny, I loved reading it. You accomplish so much and the thing that jumped out at me was that you didn't have to leave the house. I have to go out everyday whether I want to or not to deliver and collect the children from school. I find this really takes big chunks out of my time.

    Oh and they are all settled back into school now thanks, I'm still trying to find my school term rhythm though.

    cheers Lenny

  5. Hi Gail, the apron was given to me by my sister in law. It is just a bbq apron style, very simple but lovely fabric.

  6. Hi Lenny, I am so lucky I don't have to take children to and from school as I know many who seem to spend their days driving children here and there. We are lucky too that sport, orchestra and music lessons are all done through school and some during the school hours so that also decreases after school ferrying. That said I'm lucky my husband is able to pick them up when they do have after school things and we are well serviced by buses. I'm sure things would have worked out differently though if I had my drivers license. I don't stay home all the time though.

  7. Hello Jenny, that was a lovely day at home. Mine was nice apart from the heat which wasn't nice at all!

  8. Hello Jenny

    Thanks for dropping in and saying Hello. Your day 'was' a busy one bet you were glad to sit down at the end of it.

    Is that a Chocolate Tortie Balinese I see there? In another life I used to breed Balinese cats - lovley lovely cat.

    Take care

  9. Thanks for sharing, I loved reading about your day. It must have taken a lot of work to put this post together!

    Love, Tina :)

  10. Jenny, your day's pictorial elements are much more interesting than my blow by blow, bullet point account! I didn't sign up yesterday, but I've posted my ordinary day just now if you want to have a look. Lisa x

  11. I so enjoyed reading about your day! This was a wonderful idea! I joined in and posted about my day too. :)

  12. What a wonderful day! I also love your apron~ the fabric is so lovely! Your pictures are beautiful. I posted my day. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it. :-)


  13. I came over from Niki's blog. You make pasties? I just made some pasties the other day, and posted them. Are you Finnish? or do you live in the North Country?

  14. I always love reading about your day. Your home and life just seems so comfortable and peaceful. Your photos are beautiful.

    I've posted about my day!


  15. Hi Cathy, Maggie is a Birman cat. She is very beautiful. Two of our other cats, Shackleton and Badger are her kittens but they look nothing like her. Her other two kittens live with my sister. One is Shackleton's twin and the other is a ginger boy. You can see lots of photos of them if you go to my flickr page.

  16. Hi Judy, no I'm Tasmanian. My mum always made pasties for us when we were children and I have continued the tradition. Her ancestors were from the UK though I don't know where exactly. The surnames of her grandparents were Creighton and Ponting, do you know if those names are common in any particular region?

  17. Hi Jenny,
    After reading all that I feel like I spent the day at your place! Your pasties look the same as the ones my Mum baked today. My son gave his Nana instructions that she has to teach his Mum how to make them -lol-
    I'm off to bake a batch of Jackie's cookies and mini quiches for tea tonight :)
    thanks for sharing your day
    ps is it too late to join your project next week?

  18. Hi Lis, perhaps everyone was taught to make those pasties in cooking classes at school in the 1940s and 50s when my mum and maybe yours were at school.
    Go ahead and write about your day whenever it suits you and then you can join me again on April 14 if you want to.

  19. Wow - I also enjoyed reading about your day! What a wonderful model - I should try and do half of what you do in a day! I could see myself trying to sneak a nap in there several times during the day. And housework? Nah - lurking is much more fun! But you did give me a clue as to my house looks like it does - ha ha! And those pasties look delicious! They have those in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan also, have never made them tho - do you think you might be sharing the recipe?

    I have been a longtime lurker - (also love your music!) and can't remember if I have delurked here earlier or not - but keep up the great posts and beautiful pictures! Love them all - hugs - Diane from Michigan

  20. Wow, you afternoon seems so...ralaxing!

    I have 5 homeschooled children and there is business and not much sitting for this Mama.

    I too have the morning chickens, the cat company, the baking and washing routines.

    Thanks for sharing. I'd like to do this at some point.

  21. I'm reading this on Sunday afternoon and I am exhausted from your day. You were up at 5 a.m. and it looks like it was at least 10:00pm before you went to bed. How do you do it, lady?
    I enjoyed following you around. I could almost smell the yummy food your made.
    Is every day this busy?
    Mama Bear

  22. THANKS for a glimpse inside of your day! I think it is the best feature of blogging ever! I love hearing the details of peoples' lives.
    I think your day sounded very nice - a good rhythm with really necessary work, but also bits of time for your own personal projects and reading.


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