Cobwebs and Beasties

8 Mar 2008


Saturday morning and I've been pottering around doing such long avoided jobs as cleaning out the outside loo ( toilet) and getting the cobwebs out of the laundry room.
We have long used the rarely used outside loo for storing all those essential bits and pieces of childhood such as skateboards, basketballs, soccer balls, dart boards - you get the picture.
It's a wonderful place for spider mansions and various other beasties as well as a lot of dust and leaves.

I'll spare you photographic evidence of my labours as the outside toilet is not a particularly pretty place and rarely used for it's intended purpose. Years ago, when the boys were little, I used to let them use the walls of the room as their winter painting room. By that I mean I let them decorate the walls to make a very orange, blue and black mural.

They painted everything except the actual toilet, it kept them busy for hours over quite a few rainy days and was added to over the years.


I also wrestled the weeds from between the cracks in the concrete making sure to leave the seaside daisies,borage and oregano that have self seeded there and I replanted a hanging pot that had to succumbed to summer.


There was a romantic soft mist this morning and when I headed down the garden to let the chooks out I found that Autumn had popped up overnight...


The Autumn crocuses have appeared out of nowhere. They have grown in this same spot for years and I was never able to enjoy them because they were in the path of one of Louis' peculiar football games. Now that he is past that the crocuses grow and multiply each year.


It's a long weekend here in Tassie, everyone home for three days.

I feel like it's time to clean out the nest and make it cosy and warm for the cooler months ahead.

Have a happy weekend.

11 Responses to “Cobwebs and Beasties”

  1. I love your bouquets of flowers, Jenny. They are just beautiful!

  2. so pretty! It's starting to warm up here too, in fact I wore my little booties to work today, not my industrial strength winter books :)

  3. Hi Jenny :) I hope that it's a wonderful, fun weekend! Love, Q

  4. Lovely pics as usual Jenny, your blog is so restful and beautiful.

    Love, Tina :)

  5. Ohhhh....I love that brown pottery jar with the pink flowers; simply breathtaking!
    Thanks for sharing your corner of the world! What a blessing!

  6. I love your blog, Jenny ! Your dolls are so lovely !... I'm a french mom, and I love reading you... Here, in France, spring is coming !...

  7. Hi Jenny,

    Just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the You Cheer Me Up Award.

  8. The pictures are lovely.
    Here in Tennessee we are having snow, so I especially enjoyed seeing the picture of the crocus!
    I just recently found your blog; I really enjoy it.

  9. Dear Jenny,

    I had just recently cut some of those blue flowers for a bouquet as well - a fun little coincidence between a home in Australia and a home in California! :)

    Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!

  10. Your Plumbago looks nice in a vase, I had never thought to put it in a vase.


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