Cat on a Hot Tin Barbecue.

17 Mar 2008


Another oppressively hot day , not at all typical for Tasmania at this time of the year.
Quilts put up at the playroom windows to limit the heat of the sun penetrating into the room.


Doors and windows on the side of the house opened once the sun has moved around to the front in the hope of letting a little cool air in.


Curtains almost looking like they are on fire with the sun burning through.


The lightest lace covering pulled aside with a ribbon to let the slightest breeze into the house...


and a cat who thinks the coolest place to sleep is on top of the barbecue.

7 Responses to “Cat on a Hot Tin Barbecue.”

  1. Hi Jenny,

    Came to your blog through Rhonda Jean's Down to Earth and love yours too (since I'm a huge crafter and doll lover myself).
    Just had to say about your post today that I absolutely love love love the quilt in your first pic from the playroom!!
    Christine in the Netherlands (it's still winter here!)

  2. Jenny,

    Your cat is so beautiful. I've been meaning to tell you this. I love cats but unfortunately two of my children are extremely allergic so we can't have one.

    I'm enjoying your blog!

  3. Stay cool Jenny. Have you tried blowing an electric fan over a big tray of ice cubes? Alas, we have several months here in the UK to wait for the warm weather.


    Anna Marie

  4. Oh my Jenny could you send some heat this way to melt the huge piles of snow? I really enjoy your blog and am inspired by your dollmaking.

  5. We had a box fan growing up and used to hang a wet towel in front of it, the evaporation would make it work almost like an air conditioner. That quilt in the window creates a stunning effect - Wow!

  6. I enjoy your site....a quiet stop in my busy day. Thank you for sharing bits of your life on these pages. I especially like your weather right now, as we are again expecting bitter cold and snow.


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