beautiful bags.

1 Mar 2008


The sick ones went back to school and work yesterday and I got on with some sewing.
I finally lined the curtains for the playroom. They have been waiting a whole year.
Last winter the windows were bare and each evening I put up quilts at the windows held in place by heavy books on the top of the pelmet.
Pelmets , fully enclosed pelmet that is, can help keep the heat in a room by stopping the air from circulating over the cold glass of the windows.
Anyway the quilts worked wonderfully well at keeping the warm air in the room by insulating against the chill of the windows.
I've seen a similar thing here.


I also did something that I have been meaning to do for ages; make some new shopping bags.
I have a large number of calico supermarket bags that I bought 5 or 6 ,or maybe even more, years ago.
They are not that funny synthetic coloured stuff but cotton and so comfortable to carry.


I don't drive so as we live within easy walking distance of the shops I am often carrying quite heavy loads home.
These particular bags are just the right size for me.
I can carry them on my shoulder and the wide straps don't cut into me and I can support the bottom of the bag with my hand to take any extra weight if needed.
They are just the right size that if I carry them in my hand with a straight arm the bag doesn't hit the ground.
So as you can see I like them.


The only problem is that I don't like carrying them when I go into town but I still need a decent carry bag for library books and so on. I don't want to be an advert for a supermarket and even though they are washed regularly they do look a bit grotty.
I had this banana coloured cotton drill in my fabric stash.
I bought it several years ago to make some shorts for one of the boys.
I washed the fabric ready to cut the shorts out and left it on the line too long.
It got fade lines where the cloth had been folded over the line and so I didn't use it.
I think cotton drill will be great for these bags as it is strong and easy to wash.
I managed to get four bags out of the piece of cloth I had.


I was going to use one of these transfers on the bag to make them pretty. Dannielle sent them to me last year.
In the end I decided to just do something freehand and embroider the design using some perle thread I had left over from another project.


I did splash out and bought the webbing for the handles, it was $1 per metre and I needed 2.5 m for each bag. I like the way the webbing goes under the bottom of the bag to strengthen it. My supermarket bags have been very strong and show no signs of falling apart even though they are in constant use and regularly laundered.

I am going to keep two of the bags for myself and I have decided to join the shopping tote swap at Down to Earth and I'll swap the other two with my swap partner.

Jenny McH asked about the little quilt on my kitchen table, yes I did make it it's a Bareroots pattern, they have some lovely designs. I don't have the pattern anymore as I gave it away last year, to Dannielle actually who sent me the kitten transfers as a thank you.

I hope you are all having a happy weekend and a wonderful start to the new month.

7 Responses to “beautiful bags.”

  1. What about making covers for the "advertising" out of leftover patchwork blocks? MAke some into pockets too.

  2. Hi Fran, I have covered some with patches. When I first started using the bags if the supermarket couldn't see their logo they wouldn't pack the bag. That's not the case now of course.

  3. Jenny,

    I first saw/heard about reusable shopping bags when I traveled to Australia. I brought 2 of those green bags home with me. One I use for carrying food to potlucks and the other I use for my knitting stash. I had no idea what they were were made out of.

  4. Pretty and favourite combination!

    Love, Tina :)

  5. Thanks so much for giving the link to Bareroots. I had never seen their site before and I LOVE it ! I wanted to make about half of the items I saw. I had noticed your table quilt before and have thought that it was very pretty. I can't wait to order something from them. The hard part will be to choose which pattern to buy.



  6. Morning Jenny,
    Well silly me for not thinking. What a great idea to make your own bags. Why didn't I think of that. My boys grumble about using the green or red ones for swimming at school so I may make them some new ones. I will just say too that I love your background music on your blog. So soothing.


  7. These are lovely. I've been meaning to have a go at making some as the supermarket ones are just so ugly - if you see someone on their knees gathering carrots because their shopping bag ripped, you'll know who it is!


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