Thank you

20 Feb 2008

I've been feeling a little tired today , so it was a day of taking it easy and enjoying the peace of a quiet empty house.
Just a quick post then to thank a couple of fellow bloggers who have passed some blog awards on to me and then I must get to bed.

The first was the Creative blogger award given to me by Jackie at Mother's Pride.

Jackie is in the UK and features lots of lovely vintage pictures on her blog and tells of life with her five daughters.

The second award is "you make my day" and comes from Cecile at La Quinta blog. Cecile is in France and has some beautiful photos of her knitting and vintage sewing.

Both these blogs are new to me and I am flattered that they find my blog worthy of a mention. So thank you ladies .

It's been a rainy day here and so it has been wonderful. Sunshine in the afternoon meant you could almost see the gardens growing.

Mum and Dad came round and were surprised to see how the pumpkins have almost taken over the bottom of the garden, some are even climbing up into the trees. I was just settling into some post lunch knitting when they arrived but that was shelved while we shared a cuppa, a chat and a garden wander.

I did do a bit of school lunch box baking today, Anzac biscuits and banana bread as well as making some yogurt and finally a meat pie and some bandicooted potatoes for tea.

Grape vine

2 Responses to “Thank you”

  1. You're welcome ;o)))
    and you soooo deserve these awards!
    Have a nice day...

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog and admire your beautiful creations. Thanks for being an inspiration!


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