Test run

15 Feb 2008


Just what have I been feeding my hens to make them produce this motley assortment; eggs, golf balls and woollen Fairisle eggs.

Must be the clean Tassie air or the crusts from the wholemeal bread perhaps.


I have been trialling the knitted egg pattern from Julie. I just used some sock wool similar to Opal wool. It might be Opal I can't remember, I've been using it lately for dolls hats.


I followed the pattern almost to the letter but left out two rows of stocking stitch from the middle panel because I was worried it was going to be too big for my little plastic egg shapes.

I wanted to use polystyrene forms but the local Spotlight store only had small or large and nothing in between.


I could have just stuffed the egg with some wool fleece but I though I would get nicer shape with a solid egg form instead.
The eggs are 6cm , I presume that is from top to bottom.


I will go on and do some more now for Easter gifts and try out different colours and designs.
I think they will look nice in a basket with some chocolate eggs and perhaps some spring bulbs as well.
As much as Easter is traditionally a Spring festival in the northern hemisphere celebrating renewal, the seeds ( and bulbs) for that renewal are often planted in Autumn where they sit amongst the fallen leaves that become humus and enrich the soil ready to support the new life of spring.

9 Responses to “Test run”

  1. Jenny,

    Love the knitted eggs...those would be so sweet to find on Easter morning hidden amongst some chocolate eggs. I suspect we'll still have snow on the ground come Easter; but yes, you are right that Easter in the Northern Hemisphere is a sign of renewal and Spring to come.

  2. The Fair Isle eggs are a great idea. You did a lovely job. I like the way to tie in the Easter season with planting of the bulbs. Being a northern hemisphere gal, I never gave southern hemisphere Easters a thought.

  3. How lovely...you're so clever! They would look really nice in a little nest...so sweet!

    Well, I finally joined you and started a blog...it's a little bare at the moment but feel free to stop by any time!
    God Bless,
    love, Tina :)

  4. Jenny,
    I am an exhausted, stressed out New Yorker, and mother of two young kids. I want your life:)

  5. I discovered your blog today, after Rhonda at Down to Earth posted a link to your site.

    I've spent the day on and off, between other tasks & projects meandering through your archives and have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

  6. Hi Maggie,I can't imagine snow at Easter time.

    Hi Marie, thanks.

    Hi Tina, I'll pop over and have a look.

    Hi Jennifer, you can visit any time you like.

    Hi Tracy and welcome.I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Thanks Lizz.

  7. Jenny,

    I've been a lurker for awhile and I have to tell you how much I love your blog and your pictures. I was showing my dd, who is 8 your lovely pictures of your garden and she sighed and said, "I want to move to Australia!" It's snowy, cold and dreary here in New York (USA) so to her it looked like paradise! LOL.

    Anyway, I wanted to pop in and tell you that I enjoy your lovely blog.


  8. I would never have thought of knitting an egg, but what a wonderful idea. I love it in the egg cup. And yes it had to be the bread were your hens ( chooks ) very suprised.


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