22 Feb 2008


It's official, the cats, the dog and me, we are all sick of summer.
Roll on autumn.


I know many of you are still shivering and waiting for signs of spring but I'm more than ready for the next act in the seasons show.


I'm tired of the dryness of summer


I'm tired of the sweatiness of summer.
Heaven help me I'm even growing tired of summer food.

I keep thinking about slow cooked stews and rib sticking puddings.
I'm obsessed with thoughts of snuggly fires and snuggly knitting; thoughts of firey autumn leaves and warm slippers on chilly toes.
Summer now feels old and tired, like a party that has gone on for too long but doesn't know how to finish.

Although there is so much to love and appreciate about summer, all the beautiful food growing in the garden, the ease of getting washing dry, the lazy feeling that draws you to devour good books and the long twilight that lets outside life go on after dinner and into the night, I have always loved Autumn the most.


I know I should be appreciating each wonderful day for all the possibilities it holds and be grateful for living in such a place where each season can be enjoyed to the full .
I also know that if I remember to look carefully and listen quietly I will see the seasons are already starting to turn and autumn will be here soon enough.

15 Responses to “Seasons”

  1. What sort of temperatures do you have in Summer and Autumn? It sounds like you roast in Summer and have chilly Autumns.

    I'm not one for too much heat but I desperately need the longer daylight's so dark and dreary here during winter.

    Lovely pics as usual Jenny!

    Love, Tina :)

  2. As I sit and shiver here in the states, I long for that heavy oppressive heated feeling... which I know all too well will make me long for cold when it finally arrives, LOL.

    Sleety rain and ice expected here the wood has been brought in, along with wood chips to be swept and ash to be dusted off every surface of the house. I am tired of drab and grey, and am so excited to see the daffy down dillies popping up finally!

    I know come August, I will be echoing your comments though!

  3. I will gladly send you some of the 10 plus inches of snow we will be receiving tomorrow :-)!


  4. Jenny,

    I will gladly trade places with you!
    I am tired of wearing long johns EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am tired of having to have a hat, scarf and mitts... sometimes two pairs of mitts. I am tired of a runny nose EVERY TIME I go outside. I am tired of doing the penguin shuffle because the sidewalks and streets are ice covered.

    Bring on Spring, with its blue skies, green grasses pushing forward. Bring on the longer days, the warm afternoon sunshine. Bring on the fresh breezes through a kitchen window. Bring on the farmers market. Bring on blueberry picking season. Bring on beach season!

    Bring on summer. Bring on Summer. Bring it on!

  5. I always look forward to Autumn too. I do love summer and can't wait for some warmth, but I'm always ready for it to end when we are still sweating in September.

  6. The beauty of seasonal living is that just when we get sick and tired of one season it miraculously changes to the next.

    Hope your little 'un is feeling better.



  7. O, I would love to have some Autumn... We're heading towards Spring where I live, and that's okay. But Summer, I detest Summer. Too hot. Too many people outside. Too much noise. But maybe that's just me - and the crowded place we live. :)

  8. Summer, yes, for the luscious fruit, dry washing.
    We seem to be entering balmy Autumn now. I suspect a horrendous blast from the tail of summer. Oh my...

  9. Yes, roll on Autumn...I love the colours of Autumn, the cool,crisp mornings and the mild days. Goodbye Summer!

  10. I understand what you mean Jenny. I love all the seasons and usually look forward to each. This year I feel just a teeny bit reluctant to leave the cosy days of winter; knitting in front of the fire with a cup of tea nearby just can't be beaten!
    Love your blog.

  11. Dear Jenny,

    How I wish we had your beautiful weather!!! It is 27* with about 6 inches of snow on the ground. We are to get sleet and freezing rain this evening.

    Spring, I am more than ready for your warmth, colors, sounds, and smells!

    Ruth, PA

  12. I get a bit like that in the summer because I think I prefer being wrapped up and sitting beside the fire and all that winter food too.

  13. On the other side of the world, we are tired of all the snow and ice. I am so ready for spring.

    However, I always am ready for colder weather by the end of summer in our area.

    Four seasons are a good thing. :)

  14. I love the change of seasons. I'm a bit tired of wearing the extra layers winter requires. I'm ready for short sleeve blouses, linen skirts, and sandals. :)

  15. I live in the Blue Mountains and this has been an exceptionally mild summer for us. It has felt like an extended Spring. My children are back in winter pyjamas and they need sweaters in the mornings and evenings. We will be lighting our fire soon. We will probably get a couple more hot days here and there but it is essentially over for us until next December.

    Warmly Mrs M


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