Raspberry sponge

24 Feb 2008


So I opened my big mouth and said I was just a little tired of summer and wham bam we are hurtling into autumn.
They have even had snow on the mountain down south.


It's been chilly in the morning and in the evening all weekend and so we have begun the autumn garden clean up.
My little Golden Nugget pumpkins are harvested but I haven't touched the big pumpkins yet. These little honeys are so cute and sunny.
I don't eat them, I just like having them around.


Yesterday was my Dad's 81st birthday.
I think he had a good day.
You can see the scar on his head from his recent brush with cancer.
My Mum's name starts with a C and the scar is in the same shape so she has finally branded him as her own.


My brother, and my sister and her family plus us of course all gathered at my parents' home for lunch which stretched to dinner.
There was far too much food and mum sent quite a bit of it home with us.


So we had to have raspberry sponge cake for morning tea today.
Someone had to do it.


9 Responses to “Raspberry sponge”

  1. Hi Jenny. A very happy birthday to your Dad. Every day with our elders is precious! I feel it especially strongly now, when (Lord willing) I have a month before marriage at home with my mom and 92-year-old grandma.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Dad!
    Jenny, I love the cushion - did you do it? I was wondering if I could use the verse to do something similar for my own family?

  3. What a lovely birthday! Sponge cake sounds wonderful.

    If it makes you feel any better Jenny, I've been bemoaning the length of winter and we had a lovely Springish day yesterday. I even heard song birds.


  4. That cake looks scrumptious. Happy birthday to your Dad!


  5. Hi Lyn, of course you can use the verse. I think I copied it out of a magazine originally. I made the cushion for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary about five years ago.

  6. What a beautiful cushion!!
    It looks like a wonderful birthday
    party. Your Dad looks great for
    81 years of age!

    Blessings, Michelle

  7. This is a lovely post - a family celebration, beautiful pictures, autumn on the way.

  8. Hi Jenny

    I'm glad your dad had a good birthday...plenty of offal on the menu I hope! Nice looking cake too!


  9. Yes Natalie, we had lamb's fry and bacon. Yum.


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