Monday morning

18 Feb 2008


Up bright and early this morning, woken by a certain cat biting my toes telling me it must be cat breakfast time.

Spent the first little while in some quiet reading, a look at my journal to see what needs to be done today and then a quick peak at my emails before heading for the kitchen to put on my pinny and start my day's work.


Four lunches to pack this morning, left over roast chicken sandwiches, some boiled fruit cake, some cheesy biscuits, peanuts and a banana.
Water bottles filled and the first sleepy heads trailing through to the bathroom.

Everyone ready on time with no calamities of lost anything but somehow that dreadful dog Poppy managed to take a dip in the pond, roll in dirt/mud and sneak through to the bath bathroom ( as distinct from the shower bathroom) where she was happily having a good scratch and chew surrounded by a mud puddle that would make a pig envious.

Andy sent down to let out and feed the chooks who have set up a chorus of
" we are very hungry too".

The very last peach of 2008 was eaten for breakfast along with a handful of strawberries.
Cups of tea and coffee all round and then they were off.


I sidled off into the sunshine in the playroom to blissfully eat my breakfast and answer some emails then I was ready to start " the work" as my mum always calls it.

A thorough vacuum of the whole house finding homes for all the weekend flotsam as I went. The kitchen was used as a schoolroom all day yesterday so the packed up pieces had to find their way back to the bookcase.
Tidy up the books in the loungeroom, straighten the cushions on the kitchen couch, put my knitting back in its basket and help Louis' shoes back into the boys' room.


Wipe down the bathrooms, put the towels out.
Wash the floors and put the washing on now that all possible dirties have been found.
Strip my bed and leave it to air and sit and enjoy the sunshine on the old chair in my room.


Make sure I know what we are having for tea tonight, put the kitchen mats back after giving them a good beating outside.
Put the kettle on,
put down a bowl of milk for the cats.

Everything is settled and clean.

It's almost 11 o'clock, time for a cuppa and time to think about what I have to get done this afternoon.


12 Responses to “Monday morning”

  1. I just loved this post. So simple and yet so beautiful. I love daily life.

  2. Hi Jenny :) What a lovely sounding (joyful & productive) Monday morning! I hope the rest of your day has been/will be so as well.

    This was a wonderful encouragement as I sit here finishing up my Sunday night and look forward to the new week.

    Love to you, Q

  3. Ditto to what Dawn said :) Beautiful.

  4. discovered your blog quite recently, and I just loved it! You really do have a wonderful life ans house! I "nominated" you in my "you make my day" awards...
    Have a nice day ;o))

  5. Jenny,

    What a productive morning. It's Monday morning here now and you made me want to get up and start scrubbing things :-)!


  6. Jenny,

    it's Monday Morning here -- 'Family Day' in Ontario. I plan to spend my holiday today doing the laundry, cleaning and possibly baking. A nice productive day off from work :)
    Thanks for sharing with us your Monday morning, sounds quite lovely.

  7. Jenny,

    I wish you lived near me! I just love the clothesline above the woodstove. Do you hang things to dry or do you use it to hang artwork, notes etc.? I may have to "borrow" that idea - charming!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind comments!

    Your friend,
    Honey Hill Farm

  8. What a beautiful and productive morning1!


  9. What a lovely post...and your home is so colourful and cheery. You know you remind me so much of both have that 'knack' of writing simple everyday things which give a sense of peace and inspiration. Thank you.
    Love Tina :)

    I miss Jewels :( How is she and the family?

  10. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for your nice comments today. I often look at your beautiful blog and think how lovely to live in Tasmania and how fortunate to be at home there.

  11. hi
    beautifully written ,
    You make everything sound so good that i felt like getting up and doing the things that you did with equal love and concern...

  12. lovely post
    do you have the recipe of boiled fruit cake?


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