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Maminka's Children

19 Feb 2008

Vintage Children's Books

I found some lovely books at the op shop today. I was actually looking for an idea for something to give my brother, the man who needs nothing, for his birthday. I always check out the books, just in case. I have never heard of either of these authors before : Elizabeth Orton Jones and Richard Hughes, and I haven't read the books yet but the illustrations especially in Maminka's Children are utterly enchanting.

Maminka's Children by Elizabeth Orton Jones

Maminka's Children by Elizabeth Orton Jones

Maminka's Children by Elizabeth Orton Jones

I quick look on the internet reveals that Elizabeth Orton Jones is also responsible for this little sweetie who I'm sure you have seen around the place...

She is from this book...

which won a
Caldecott Medal in1945

Don't the colours of my new little book remind you just a little of
Carl Larssons preferred palette, like this painting of his above?

11 Responses to “Maminka's Children”

  1. They are gorgeous pictures Jenny. What op shop do you go to? No don't tell me cause then we may race each other to get the good stuff..............NO!! I am kidding. You are obviously very good at finding just the right thing. The pictures remind me of the little Gilden book pics from the 70's. Lovely.


  2. Thanks for sharing those beautiful books! I just love those pictures.

  3. Really pretty Jenny. It's amazing what treasure you can find in charity shops.


  4. Hello Dear Jen, thanks so much for sharing your lovely little books with us. Such wonderful finds.


  5. You certainly found two precious books. Don't you wonder who owned them and why they were not passed along to someone in the family?


  6. Those illustrations are so charming. Thanks for sharing, I love them.

  7. Oh Jenny,
    I have a great love for vintage children's books. These are just lovely. Blessings, Tami

  8. Those are beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them!


  9. Beautiful! If you hadn't said otherwise I would have said that the little girls and the chair was definitely a Carl Larsson. Except that on reflection - and I haven't seen everything he painted, of course - I haven't seen Larsson use that sort of green in that sort of way as in the little girls' dresses. If I had endless leisure and bottomless pockets, I would collect children's books. I am an older woman with no grandchildren but I currently have a great stack of picture books from the public library on my dining room table.

    Blessings and bliss from across Bass Strait

  10. Hi Miss eagle, I have miss led you I'm sorry. The last painting is one of Larsson. I was using it to illustrate the colours he often used in his book of his family and home, At Home.

  11. What wonderful find's, I can see why you snapped them up. But did you find the gift for your brother:) Enchanting is the exact right word for the illistrations. Little treasures for sure.
    I also liked your last post, about Monday morning. I could feel your family getting along with the day. Gave me a sort of comfortable peaceful feeling


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