Lovely weather for Charlie

4 Feb 2008


Like much of south east Australia we have had glorious rain today.
Proper rain, not enough I'm sure but wonderful just the same.


I have been busy with family and dolls all day.
Andy and Kate are beginning to think going back to school might not be a bad idea. I remember feeling the same, loving being at home but missing the people and busy-ness and routine of school.
It always feels like the year doesn't really start until school starts, until the summer holiday is officially finished.

more pumpkins

Whatever else was or was not a success in the garden this year, the pumpkins have blitzed the field for prolific growth and impressive fruit. We have pumpkin vines growing all over the back garden and every vine has at least one good sized pumpkin growing, many have several. All the vines are self sown although I did transplant many of the ones that popped up in the vegie garden and put them down the bottom of the yard with the potatoes.
You'll never go hungry with a good supply of pumpkins, potatoes and freshly laid eggs.

We are into greengage and golden drop plum season now as well as the white peaches.
We have a large old peach tree outside our bedroom window and all through the night you can hear the soft thud of peaches breaking free from the tree and dropping heavily to the ground.
Stephen collects them in the morning to have with his cereal but many are so badly bruised from their fall they have to be eaten immediately or they are wasted.
When the children were small we would lead them each morning to the fallen peaches under the tree and leave them there to graze until they had had their fill.
Little faces happily covered in peach and smelling divine.

I made tomato sauce yesterday and bottled it today, I only used a couple of kilos of cheap bought tomatoes and used the ezy-sauce mix again. It's an old bottle my mum gave me so I don't know what it will be like but it certainly makes sauce making easy, just as it promises.

I'll be updating the blog shop tomorrow but not until late afternoon.
I'll probably have something to put in each day for a few days rather than all in one go as not everything will be ready for tomorrow.
My summer kitchen tasks are keeping me busy along with all those last minute things that go with the back to school season.

In the picture below you can see Charlie enjoying the rain. He sometimes stands like this under the sprinkler, I can't imagine what he is thinking.
Perhaps "lovely weather for ducks."

chickens in the rain

8 Responses to “Lovely weather for Charlie”

  1. Jenny, what a *pleasure* it is to visit you again. I wish I had time to do this more often!

  2. I enjoy these peeks at your back yard paradise!

  3. Jenny, you create such lovely word pictures. Have a blessed day. Love, Tami

  4. The pumpkin story is being being repeated in rampant manner at The Trad Pad. The tomatoes are starting to fruit well underneath the pumpkin leaves. Also under there are basil, beans, eggplant, and silver beet. Pumpkin scones and pumpkin fruit cake are on the agenda.

    Blessings and bliss with your beautiful blog.

  5. Your garden looks so inviting, the perfect blend of lusciousness, peace, and privacy. I would love to sit on your pation with a cup of tea.

  6. Jenny, your back garden looks rather like ours. The paving, the grass and the surrounding greenery. Minus the ducks though!


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