Vintage Housewife Goodness

27 Feb 2008

"Invalid Cookery

~ Observe perfect cleanliness at all times.

~ Use only fresh ingredients of the best quality.

~ Provide variety to stimulate the appetite.

~ Always have beverages such as broths, soup or fruit drinks available.

Beverages left in the sick room should be covered.

~ Choose a tray of convenient size.

~ Use well laundered linen, attractive china, glassware and cutlery.

~ Portions of food served should be small and dainty.

~ Serve hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

~ Meals should be served punctually.

~ Remove the tray from the patient's room as soon as the meal is finished."

from Cookery the Australian Way, 1969

Here's a little housewife nostalgia for you to enjoy

( don't forget to turn off the music in the sidebar)

3 Responses to “Vintage Housewife Goodness”

  1. Hi Jenny,

    I hope your family is on the mend. I enjoyed the video clip. Of course, I laughed because housekeeping certainly does not have the same value in most places as it used to! Thanks for sharing :-).


  2. Oh I agree! And fresh flowers to brighten the room.

  3. I remeber bare legs with short socks in the snow. I suppose we had nothing else!


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