Shop Update

5 Feb 2008


I have put two new dolls in the my etsy shop.
I apologise for the poor quality photos of Luci ( above). We have had overcast, rainy weather all day which is not so good for photo sessions.


You may have seen this little one before. She is left over from Christmas time and desperately wants a new home and someone to love.

All things being well and if the weather allows decent quality photos I will be adding a little redhaired Celtic beauty and a little brown doll with short curly hair and braiding.

If you want to contact me just email me at littlejennywren(at)dodo(dot)com(dot)au or through my etsy shop.

3 Responses to “Shop Update”

  1. Ur handwork is amazing!! Ur dolls have their own personalities and i adore them do u bare to part with them??


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