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14 Feb 2008

Mother and son morning cuppa.

The first week back at school is always a bit messy. Today I had to head off to town again because a few extra bits and pieces were needed. Still I got to spend the morning at home and enjoyed a cuppa with Louis. I felt so tired this morning I could quite happily have just read, knitted and snoozed all day so it was probably good that I had to head off this afternoon.
I picked up my very favourite vintage knitting book from the library and hopefully this time I'll manage to copy one of the patterns and get started. I can only keep the book for three weeks and as most of the patterns are in 4ply wool there is no way I can complete a project in that time so I presume it is OK to copy a pattern for personal use.

Although I have many vintage patterns from the late forties and early fifties the patterns in this book have been updated ever so slightly and appeal to me more than the originals. I still haven't finished Kate's 4ply cardigan so I can't really start anything new until that is done.The one I'm thinking of making is on the back cover, if you go to the Amazon site , click on look inside and then go to the back cover you can see it. I'm also interested in one of the twin sets.

the only fig

You know knitting has been a part of my life for my whole life. I started knitting when I was about 8 , just holey squares that were cobbled together to make jumpers and skirts for my dolls. I knitted my first proper garment, a sleeveless pullover in rainbow colours when I was twelve and I have been at it ever since. And when I wasn't knitting my own creations I was wearing the hand knitted clothes my mum made for me.

Mostly I follow other people's patterns, except true to form I still make up the patterns for my dolls clothes only they are not so holey now. I have in the past especially in my teens and twenties made up patterns for garments for myself, usually without much shaping but lots of textural stitch patterns and colours. Lots of fun but difficult to replicate.

I used to design and sew my own clothes too but not anymore, I think I just got lazy. I always used simple shapes and lots of colour, lots of fun. I harboured dreams of selling my creations but once I'd made one for myself I was never interested in making another or even writing down what I had done and making a pattern.


Now I make up clothes patterns for my dolls and try out all kinds of colour combinations but on a very small scale. I guess that is safer and more time efficient when I have so many other things that are my responsibility.

Knitting and sewing, where would I be without them?
What would I be without them?

I truly can't imagine my life without making something with needles, threads and yarn.

The doll, the quilt and Maggie

9 Responses to “Handmade life”

  1. Oh, I know just what you mean...I have made all sorts of 'one-offs' over the years...so much fun but never to be repeated again! I wonder why we don't write down what we did and do it again? Maybe we just like new challenges! Love, Tina :) (I used to have a blog called Grace For Every Day, but I gave it up due to it consuming so much of my time...loving reading yours though!) xxx

  2. I'm in complete awe of your designing skills!! And I completely understand the designing just for dolls bit - I never managed to make myself something, although I have big hopes for 2008. :)

  3. Hello Dear Jen, I just love visiting you. You always leave me feeling so surreal. I however am not as talented as you in creating such lovely things. I can crochet simple afghans, etc.,but would love to beable to accomplish such beautys as you have. I desire to knit and have tried to teach myself ,but have failed to learn.
    Your dolls are wonderful and such simple things of pleasure. I love the simplicity of life. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home and beauty of all you see and do with us. I truly am blessed by you and your blog.


  4. The sweater on the back cover of the book looks great! I like it much better than the one on the front.

    Where would we be without our needles and wool to keep our hands busy? I truly feel a bit sad for people who do not have some kind of handwork in their lives.

  5. I love your blog and love the wonderful things you make. Mostly I love the feeling of warmth and home. Every time I drop in I feel like I am glimpsing a world as it should be. At least the way I would have liked it to be. If I had children and a busy life to lead. Your homey and wonderful touches never fail inspire.
    In case your interested I looked up "Home Made" and found it used on Amazon for $43.00 US. Finding it in the Ops shop was a great find!

  6. The stitching and the knitting is such serenity.

  7. I'm sure there would be a market for selling your patterns for your dolls clothes - both knitted and sewn! I think they are just lovely.

  8. Dear Jenny
    I have been reading your blog for some time, came across it thru Jewels blog. I enjoy the calmness & joy you bring to each day's activities. And I love your dolls!
    My interests are patchwork & stitcheries, & these hobbies have given me great pleasure especially when I have been able to give a handmade item as a gift to family & friends. Yes, where would we be without our crafting? Jenny from Melbourne

  9. I couldn't agree more Jenny. Although I rarely knit, I don't know where or what I'd be without making things, sewing, creating.


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