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28 Feb 2008


It seems the worst has passed for Kate and Stephen and the rest of us have been spared so far. Thank you all for your kind wishes and those of you whose families are unwell I hope they have a speedy recovery.

Now that autumn is coming on the sun is getting lower in the sky and starting to venture further into the house. The window seat in the playroom is awash with sunshine all day long and right on cue at 11am the sun hits my old chair in the bedroom.

We bought this old chair many years ago when we lived in Wollongong.
It was at a deceased estate sale. The house had belonged to an elderly woman who lived in a lovely but modest old home near the centre of the city. The house was surrounded by small factories, car detailing businesses and the like though I'm sure when she was bringing up her family there had been other homes and families there.
Some of her adult children were at the sale and they spoke fondly of the chair. Their mother had nursed each of her babies in this funny old rocking chair. I'm not sure why they didn't want to keep it but it fitted me perfectly, suitable for ladies under 5ft 4" only.
The chair used to live beside our loungeroom fire but in recent years has started to fall to pieces so it waits patiently in the bedroom to be restored. I still use when I want a private cuppa and a bit of a read just like today.


There has been quite a lot of extra washing this week with this tummy bug but the weather each day has been perfect drying weather, sunny and windy, so it has been no trouble to keep up with the job.


I haven't managed many of the jobs I had imagined I would do this week, mainly in the garden but it's been a good week none the less.
I've done plenty of knitting, thoroughly cleaned out the fridge, sorted out books and DVDs, sorted through my vintage knitting patterns searching for something I thought I had. And lots of tidying, just trying to keep things pleasant for the sick ones; picking up, plumping pillows,windows open to freshen, windows closed to make things cosy, placing quilts and crocheted afghans just so to make toes snug and bodies warm, fold them all up again as people get active and warm.


I've been thinking about the importance of a safe and comfy home. Whether you are well or unwell home is the place where you can be what you are and be accepted.
What a precious thing it is and so easily taken for granted.
The home that we make for our families is the only memory of their own childhood home our children will have.
It's what they will take with them , for better or worse into their adult lives when they make homes of their own.
I hope they take with them a sense of the love and respect for each other that is essential to any happy home.

12 Responses to “family home”

  1. Jenny, I'm glad your family is on the mend. Thank you for to give our children good memories of home.


  2. Hi Jenny, Sounds like you have had a busy week!...nursing, washing cleaning..good to hear your family is feeling better. Love your photos, especially the one of your cute table topper...did you sew this? Well I off to tidy the kitchen & family room before I head off to bed..always shoes,news papers & the remains of supper to clear away. Good night to you.

  3. Wow...your blog is amazing. I always come away inspired.
    So glad to hear that the sick days are over, and I will keep a good thought that you and the others are spared.

  4. Hello Dear Jen, so glad your sick ones are feeling better. Thank you so much for sharing your cozy home with us. Love the pictures and the story about your old chair. I love to know the history of the things we have near us in our homes. Makes them seem so more personal.
    God's blessings to you and yours, Shelley

  5. What a beautiful post - glad your family are feeling better.

  6. What a truly lovely person you are.
    No complaints about all the extra work.
    Your family is really blessed to have you.
    I find you a total inspiration.

  7. You prove that with the proper outlook it is possible to make a sick household sound enchanting. I'm sure your tending skills have shortened the illnesses of your loved ones.

  8. Jenny,

    You are such a good wife and Mum. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I am saddened to think of the many mothers today who have totally lost any vision of what they could be giving to their families.Your family is blessed to have you.



  9. Thank you again dear Jenny for a lovely, gentle post. Your blog is so soothing. Glad your beloved ones are on the mend,

    Love, Tina :)

  10. LOL! I must of been tired this morning. My last sentence was supposed to say, "Thank you for reminding us to give our children good memories of home!" That's what I get for being up so early :-).


  11. Hi Jenny,
    So pleased to hear your family are on the mend. I really enjoyed reading your blog today.


  12. I'm glad everyone's is feeling a bit better. Lovely thoughts on home life, as usual, Jenny.


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