Day 1, Term 1, 2008

13 Feb 2008

School Days by Jessie Wilcox-Smith

Well Kate and Andy are back at school today. New shoes, new books and a cut lunch. I think they are both happy to be there, back into routine and with their friends. They were happy at home too but they are looking forward to the new school year and seeing everyone after the long holiday.

So I'm at home listening to Louis snoring, he has the day off work today and is taking advantage of the quiet empty house by having a sleep in.

And now my routine returns to normal as well. I feel as though the year is half over already with the morning chill telling me that autumn isn't far away. It's an early Easter this year too and I'm thinking about knitting some easter eggs thanks to Julie's lovely pattern.

This time of year , especially when it's not too hot always makes me feel that I have to start getting things in order. Checking the wood pile of course and cleaning out the fires. Going through our cooler weather clothes and planning what needs replacing and renewing. My fingers are usually itching to be knitting but that's been going on all summer any way. What I really feel like doing is some sewing and even some quilting.

I still have things that have to be organised for school such as the dreaded medical forms and music lesson forms - I have an aversion to sending in the completed forms , I rebel against being organised by the school although I realise they need the information to look after my children properly.

I'll get them done today. I usually do my paperwork and letter writing on a Wednesday so I really don't have any excuses.

So I'll fill in the forms, I'll pack away the holidays, put on my apron and start to settle into my school day routines. But first I'll have a quiet cuppa in the sunshine, plan some new projects and be a little bit lazy.

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  1. Hello! I've been reading and enjoying your blog for some time now, but this is the first time I've written to you!
    As I live in the United States, Vancouver Washington, to be exact, it's funny to hear you talk about fall, and getting back to school! We are actually starting to come out of a wet, dark, soggy winter, and I so look forward to spring!
    I wish you the best, and thank you for sharing your life with me!!
    (I am really contemplating starting my own blog in the future, since I enjoy others' so much!)
    God bless you!

  2. Hi Jenny,

    I visit you everyday, how I wish I could visit for real though and enjoy the quiet cuppa in the sun with you and listen while you tell me about plans. I'm sure that I could learn so much about life and families from you.

    thanks Lenny

  3. Here in NSW the schools have been back for 2 weeks already. I am a homeschooler and my children have been back in school for nearly 5 weeks now and next week we are having a one week mid term break. I find it gives me a chance to tweak things a little to keep us all on track.

    We having been having such a mild summer it truly feels almost like Autumn already. Like you my thoughts have been turning to sewing and knitting and preparing for colder weather.

    Warmly, Mrs M

  4. Hi Jenny,
    sad the hoidays are over. My last two return to school tomorrow. Then it is empty house for me. The chill sure was in the air this morning. Not long now. I must admit I enjoy the colder weather once it starts as it is nice to rug up and feel cosy. I just don't like the dark overcast days. Thanks for your blog Jenny.


  5. Hi Jenny,
    a local voice here! I am really enjoying your posts, a relaxing part of the day. Thanks

  6. I too have enjoyed getting back into routine, although as I was also on holidays for the last week with my children it has taken me longer than in other years to settle back in.
    So what sort of things did you pack in the lunches?

  7. Hi Jenny

    I'm like that with filling in the forms too. I just resent it somehow! I have an inner rebel. Spring has sprung here and my daffs are out and yes, I'm thinking about making those Easter eggs from Little Cotton Rabbits, very, very pretty and I love an early Easter, it feels proper to have it in early spring.



  8. Hi Jenny :) Happy Back-to-School to all of you! Love, Q


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