Cosy Days

27 Feb 2008

Cosy days , all together with only one missing, carrying on at school while the rest of us snuggle in at home.

Many happy hours spent in the lounge room together; watching old movies, reading, chatting, some moaning and a little complaining but mostly gaining strength from shared adversity.

Collecting used glasses and plates to be washed in hot soapy water to beat those nasty bugs.

Dry toast and vegemite, cups of black tea.

Glasses of fruit saline.

Lots of snoozes for patients and carers.

Quietly knitting while the patients sleep.

Off to the shops for a big food shop to make sure the cupboards are not bare if the mother comes down sick.
Food that teenage boys can cook and enjoy.
Patients left in the capable care of Louis.

A plump free range chicken on a bed of onion and garlic softened in butter then bathed in warm water with a hand full of barley, a hand full of red lentils, some celery sliced and chopped small, some bright healthy carrot for sweetness, generously salted and peppered all softly simmered for most of the afternoon .
Results in a large pot of good- for- you- soup: the broth for the sick ones, the meatier portions for the rest and plenty of gently poached chicken left for a couple of easy meals to come.

Now there are books being read and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on the TV. The sick ones are feeling a little better and the well ones are still far.

7 Responses to “Cosy Days”

  1. I hope your family is soon on the mend, & that you keep in good health. No matter what age your children are they seek the comfort of their Mum...our daughter is working on Lord Howe Island & she rang last week just to say Mum I am not well (tonsillitis),of course I gave her my sympathy & advice

  2. Wishing you wellness...and certain of speedy recoveries with such a soothing and caring Mum!

    Love, Tina :)

  3. I hope you stay well, Jenny. Take care, love.

  4. I understand how you must be feeling. My children all came down with something about 10 days ago and I have it now. I feel utterly miserable. I homeschool and my children are all under 7 yo so it is very hard for me to get enough rest as there are still meals to be cooked, tidying to be done and the little ones need looking after as they are still unwell, cranky and irritable. I just keep thinking to myself that this too will pass.

    In sympathy Mrs M (NSW)

  5. Hope you stay well! How smart you are to plan ahead in case you get sick too!

  6. Hi Jenny :) I am praying with you here as you care for your dears. Love, Q

  7. Mrs. M, I know just what you are talking about.

    Jenny you are a lovely Mama!


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