All things come to those who wait.

3 Feb 2008


She waited patiently all day while the responsible adult was busy cooking and knitting and sewing a skirt for she who waited.
Finally her wish was granted...


A trip to the swimming pool .
First a quick caress of her favourite plant of the moment, this little Euphorbia...


Then she turned on her heel and with a twirl of her new skirt, she was off.


Of course she had to stop for a short chat with the local sheep


but they didn't have much to say.


Then on to the pool where she quickly shed her street clothes and jumped in.


And where was the responsible adult.
Sitting under the tree reading of course, secretly wishing she had brought her bathers as well.
Oh well, next time.

One Response to “All things come to those who wait.”

  1. Beautiful skirt! I would love to come and swim all day.


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