Kitchen day

31 Jan 2008

bottled plum sauce

A wonderful day in the kitchen today.

the start of the plum sauce

First there was a trip to the post office, the bank and the dry cleaners then on to the supermarket to stock up on this week's specials.

plum sauce

Home to lunch and visitors for Kate and an afternoon of cooking and baking for me.

preserves labels

I finally made the plum sauce and bottled the apricot chutney

apricot chutney

I made some labels inspired by the Bonne Maman preserves.

apple bread mixture

Then it was on to some apple bread. That's what I call it...

apple bread recipe

It is really called Clove Apple Cake and it is in Festivals, Families and Food.

apple bread

It was yummo while it was warm and I think it will be just as good with a good spread of butter.

an afternoon of cooking.

I also made some chocolate brownies and reorganised the freezer compartment of my fridge to make way for all the fruit I have frozen to be dealt with later.Oh and I almost forgot, I made some meat sauce for the lasagne I'm going to make in a little while for tomorrow night's dinner.

We are off to Hobart tomorrow for a special presentation ceremony for students who scored 99.0 or higher in their final year of school. That was the reason for the trip to the dry cleaners - to spruce up Louis' suit ready for his big day.

14 Responses to “Kitchen day”

  1. That's a big day in the kitchen! I'm very impressed by your labels. I always just bottle and presume I'll remember what it's in each one but after a while one type of chutney looks awfully like another.

  2. Lovely and yummy. You are a kitchen goddess.

  3. Jenny, you are amazing! It all looks wonderful and you must feel so accomplished. I love a productive day in the kitchen, too. :o)
    Congratulations to your son...

  4. Looks wonderful! Your kitchen sounds like the place to be on a warm sunny day. What exactly is chutney? How do you cook/eat with it?

  5. Hi Dear Jen, my you have been busy in the kitchen. Everything looks divine. Just want to let you know, you really inspire me. Congrats to your son on his High marks from school. A very smart young man indeed! Good luck to him in his future accomplishments.


  6. Jenny,

    That apple cake looked heavenly. And I loved the labels on the canned goods. Your house is so cozy, how I wish you were my neighbor so I could drop in and say hello!

    Your friend,

  7. Lovely labels, I'm going to do better next year - you've inspired me!
    Cake = yum.
    Yay for Louis and his great score. Yay to you for nurturing him through that final year, and all those years beforehand.

  8. yummo! everything looks great. i have 2kg of plum in my fridge that i was going to make inot plum sauce but have yet to find a tried and tested recipe. Care to share? you can email me via my blog if you don't want to post it here :)
    I have tried quite a few of your shared recipes and they are all great btw!
    Thank you for sharing :)

  9. Hi Jenny :) What a wonderful day! I have to ask you... what is plum sauce? Love, Q

  10. Hi Maggie, Chutney is like relish I guess. It's a combination of fruits and spices plus vinegar and sugar all boiled up together. It's yummy with hot or cold meats and with cheese and also with curries.

    Hi Lis, I actually just used an old bottle of Ezi-sauce that my mum gave me. I'm going to use it to make tomato sauce as well. The recipe is on the bottle.

    Hi Quinne, plum sauce is just a savoury sauce eaten with hot or cold meats.

  11. We used to use another recipe for plum sauce. Last year we used Ezi-sauce, and I was in heaven. It was the same as my Nana's that I ate years ago. It is sweet though, but my favourite plum sauce now. I also had an old bottle of Ezi-sauce but eventually we used it and I am glad. I am interested in the size of your bottles, we used the ones we have had for years, cordial bottles you see in the supermarket with design on the top. However, our sauce got disqualified at the show for being too big.

  12. I love your labels!

    I want to invite you to check out and participate in the Carnival of Home Preserving.

  13. Jenny , you have done so many things in a day, must be tiring, do you measure the ingredients for the cake or cookies on the spot or have some secret way of doing it in advance and mixing things up when required

  14. Hi Mahek, I never measure anything in advance but just when I am going to do some baking. I believe there are websites with recipes for various baking mixes that you can make up yourself so that when you have a baking day you just have to add the butter or eggs or whatever.


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