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29 Jan 2008

new  cushion cover

Well two weeks from now the summer school holidays will have officially ended and Kate and Andy will be heading back to school. As much as we try to ignore what is coming, unwelcome reminders keep appearing. Today the big envelope full of back to school information arrived from school, there are some school books to buy and we have just realised that Kate needs new school shoes.Going back to school means losing a certain amount of freedom and fitting in with someone else's schedule, not easy after the long summer break. Getting feet back into school shoes and bodies back into uniforms is hard enough.

It has been a strange holiday with first Kate being ill and needing to go to hospital and then Andy being unwell.
Add to that Louis starting work and things have felt very peculiar around here.
We have spent most of our time at home with the children going to stay at various friends' houses for a day or two here and there.
I've been at home with whoever was in need of convalescence.
I'm very grateful that everyone seems to be in good health now even though Andy is still itchy and not quite himself.

It's holidays like this that make me glad that we manage to always have a parent at home, that work hours don't have to be rearranged or time off negotiated to care for sick children. It's something we have always tried to achieve since we became parents: that our work lives would be organised around the children, either through both of us working part time complimentary hours or one working full time while the other is full time at home. It certainly doesn't make you financially rich but the benefits of less stress and worry are more than worth it. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Yesterday Kate and I went to the pool with one of her friends. This was Kate's first proper swim since she had her appendix out.
I worked on a new Grandmother's fan cushion cover while the girls swam.The cover is a kit that a friend was throwing out some years ago and it has been sitting in my cupboard ever since. I felt like doing some hand sewing that wasn't doll related and I managed to get all but the central circle done while we were at the pool.

I've been working on several dolls , custom orders and some for the shop update on the 31st. I'm using some of the vintage angora I found at the op shop before Christmas to make some cardigans for the shop dolls. It is so soft, a wool angora mix.
Hopefully I'll get plenty done tomorrow although I keep thinking of more things that need to be done as far as running the house goes:
I have parcels to post,
get Louis' suit dry cleaned ready for the big presentation day on Friday,
there is a bag of plums from mum to be dealt with - plum sauce or worcestershire sauce
and I still haven't bottled the apricot chutney that is sitting in the fridge,
plus I really have to do some baking tomorrow - the biscuit jars and cake tins are empty and I need to use up some of our eggs.
That's starting to look like a kitchen day.

I think an early start is in order.
It is very late and I am tired,it has been a good day.
Good night everyone.

dolls in progress

2 Responses to “This and that”

  1. I was wondering if you made the quilt in the first photo. If so, could you share the instructions as to how to make the square? Thanks a bunch.

    I love your photos. Here in Pennsylvania, we are under a few inches of snow. This morning, everything was covered in ice! I just love looking at the freshness of your flowers and vegetables. I dream of summer LOL.

    I found your blog, thanks to our dear friend, Jewels. I miss her, as you do. Thank you for your blog.
    Ruth, PA


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