Summer holiday

30 Jan 2008

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Summer holidays - a time for disrupted routines, family all around and easy summer food.

I have truly had a summer holiday day today.

Instead of making sure everything was in order before I started working on my dolls, I've done a bit here and there all day so it felt like nothing was ever finished. I am working on a new doll design and it was all going well until the last step and then she didn't look how I wanted her to.

Now back up a bit. The day started off with me thinking I was getting up early because I awoke to the garbage truck was trundling and crashing up the street and that usually happens around 6am. Not so this morning, it was 7.30. So much for my early start.

Instead of having time to slowly ease into the day I decided I needed to get going on my doll projects straight away. So began a day of never quite getting ahead. Isn't that always the way when you sleep in?
Kate and Andy were at home today and just cruising around quietly doing their own thing. They watched a movie on the computer, read, listened to music and generally just hung around in an amiable kind of way. You know, summer holiday style. One or the other would wander outside every now and then to watch the chooks or pick some greengages or hunt for the kittens.

Lunchtime came and while I was preparing lunch I remembered to make a cake to help Louis get through his working days. I made Robyn's Mother's Cake, so easy and so yummy:

In a large saucepan put 125 g butter, 1.5 cups of sugar, 1 cup of water, 1/2 teaspoon of bicarb soda and 2 rounded tablespoons of cocoa. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes. You need a large pot because the mixture expands rapidly as it boils.
Let it cool for as long as you can be bothered then stir in 1.5 cups of self raising flour and 2 eggs. If the mixture is too hot the egg will cook as it is mixed through which you don't want so don't be too eager to move onto the flour and egg stage.
Once the mixture is thoroughly mixed( I just use a whisk to mix it), cook it in a moderate oven for about 1 hour. It's done when a skewer comes out clean.

You can have it as is or sprinkled with icing sugar or drinking chocolate powder or both. You can ice it with the icing of your choice or top it with whipped cream.
I have also cut it in half and put a layer of nutella and cream in the middle and more cream on the top. It would be nice with chocolate ganache too.
Mostly though we have just as it is because the crust is a little bit chewy and crunchy and my children like it that way.

We were just finishing lunch and I had taken the scraps down to the chooks when Stephen arrived home on his pushbike. He had forgotten both his lunch and his wallet and so was home for lunch. A nice surprise and definitely a summer holiday thing to do. There seems to be a certain vagueness that comes with summer time and more of a willingness to bend the rules.

After that it took me a while to get back into my doll work. Kate was begging to go to the pool but I was a woman with a mission and Andy was feigning deafness so he didn't have to go with her. He isn't allowed in the water with his shingles.

I trundled along with my doll and was just about to say Ta Da when I realised the doll's arms were not right, not the way I wanted them to be.


I took myself off for a walk, bought a huge tub of ice cream and some ice cream cones and had a think and then came home and enjoyed a big cone of delicious melty ice cream with my very appreciative children.
Then I did some therapeutic chopping. No, not the doll but some pictures for my journal.
It has been sitting on the shelf since last October, untouched and forgotten. I had so much fun cutting up pages I had torn out of magazines. One by one the children, including Louis when he arrived home from work asked me why I was doing such a pointless activity when there were so many other things I would normally be doing at that time. I loved it, seemingly pointless activity was just what I needed, that's what summer holidays are for.

The outcome of today is that I have decided to postpone the update of the shop until next Tuesday, that's February 5th.That will give me time to get the dolls right and also give me plenty of time to enjoy disrupted routines, family all around and easy summer meals and some browsy reading.

therapeutic chopping

PS if you have requested anything from me over the past few weeks such as patterns or recipes or asked me questions that I haven't answered I'll do my best to deal with them all over the next week or two.
I'll go back through my emails and comments and try to respond to those who have taken the time to contact me.
Thank you for your patience.
I really do appreciate every comment and email even though I often don't seem to have the time to respond. When school goes back and things gradually return to normal I might have more bloggy time.
I love that so many of you visit daily or weekly or whenever you can manage. It's wonderful to me that you find my blog interesting or entertaining and inspires me to keep going.
I have written more than 400 blog posts now and I'm still enjoying it as well as enjoying other people's blogs when I get the chance to go visiting.

5 Responses to “Summer holiday”

  1. Ah, another perfect day in paradise! Looking forward to the new dolls. :o)

  2. I love reading about your summertime as I sit shivering in my sweater looking at the bare tree outside my window. Oh, and I noticed your "Retrohousewife" book peeking out from your stack. I have that one too and I love it!

  3. I love the pictures in Adam's cookbook. There is a sequel, just as nice.

  4. Hello.
    I am one of those who daily read but seldom if ever comment. Your life mirrors so much of mine in family, (I have had a daughter who has just done TEE but sadly bombed out on biology so now going down pathway 2 to find out where she wants to be), craft, family size, home based housewife who loves to do everything simply but with one main difference I am in the middle of western australia so totally different climate for me. Julie

  5. I come to your blog almost daily so that I can see the beauty of daily life through your eyes (and camera). I first found you through Jewels when she posted about her journal and linked to a post of yours about your journal. (At least that's how I remember it. *smile*) Because you mentioned yours again, I went searching for your original post. I couldn't find it. Do I have my memories mixed up? If you did, in fact, post about your decorated journal pages, would you please let me know where that is? I have a friend I would like to share it with. Thank you so very much!



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