Over the freeway and through the suburbs to Grandmother's house we go.

21 Jan 2008


It's been a funny kind of day today. For the first time in forever I had the day entirely to myself and although I had plenty to do and got quite a bit done I was at a bit of a loss. I feel as though I wasted a lot of time. I felt I needed to do lots of things because I didn't have to think about anyone else but all I wanted to do was just hang around and relax.

I did plenty of washing, again, and some tidying in the garden. The weeds are on the march after the recent rain. They grow so quickly and are so lush. I picked our first ever loquat, quite yummy. I shared it with Stephen when he came home.

I finally tidied my worktable and set things up ready to get back into my dolls. I have a few custom orders to do and of course I have to restock the shop. I'm hoping to have some things ready for the shop by the end of the month. Stay tuned.

I made a delicious dinner of spicy roast lamb with pitta bread, yogurt and mint dip and tomato salad with some leftover potato from yesterday. I used a recipe from Natalie's blog that I copied last year.


Yesterday afternoon, in the hot sun after an overcast morning Kate and I walked to visit my mum and dad. It's not a particularly interesting walk, not the first half anyway because a busy and rather smelly main road had to be negotiated, then there is the walk over the freeway that used to terrify the children when they were small.


We found a few oddities along the way.

swan plant/milkweed

First was a swan plant growing in a garden. My Auntie Maisie had one of these in her garden and when I was a child we used to love picking the "swans" and floating them in dishes of water. It was a favourite of my children when they were small too.


We also found this and quite few other ant hills in someone's nature strip.
I've never seen large nests like this locally before. As children who spent most of our days playing in the bush around our house I, my brother , my sister and my cousins all had first hand knowledge of all the types of ants indigenous to the area and I've never seen a nest like this before.


I was impressed I must say.

Mum and Dad were well but tired after their big day out on Saturday going to my Auntie Nancy's 90th birthday party. Mum comes from a large family of eight children, six of them still very much alive. Mum's garden looked very green and lush and she had a nice afternoon tea and cool drinks for us.

So, I'm off to do some knitting now, I simply must get Kate's cardigan finished before the summer ends. The only problem is my eyelids tend to get very heavy not long after I start knitting.

8 Responses to “Over the freeway and through the suburbs to Grandmother's house we go.”

  1. My neighbour had a swan plant when I was little, I used to love it when she brought some of the swans over for me to float. What a lovely memory your post brought back to me.

    I think we need to retain the ability to sometimes just relax and do nothing, we have been brainwashed into believing that we should always be busy.

    Your day sounded wonderful

    cheers Lenny

  2. The ant mound looks a lot like fire ant mounds we have here in the Southern US. They are called fire ants for good reason!

  3. That swan plant is something! I've never seen one. Perhaps your ants are preparing for rain. I remember when, as a child in WA, we were told that the ants built their nests tall when they were expecting rain :-)

  4. Just the other night, we were watching a special on the monks of Gethsemani (www.monks.org) and one of them said, (paraphrased) "when people come here for a retreat, they almost always spend the first day or two sleeping. In the outside world they wear themsleves out and they find that when they are finally away from all the pressing duties and noises, they practically collapse. But that's a good thing to do, rest, because it's only after they have rested that they are able to really hear their own heart and thoughts and thus able to get down to the whole reason they came here in the first place."

    That made me realize (and forgive myself) for often doing the same thing you described. When you get a chance to hear you thoughts and rest, grab it instead of scolding yourself for not getting MORE done. I find that I am more energized and refreshed to accomplish those things that seem to have fallen behind if I take that time alone to rejuevenate myself (with tea, reading, and/or napping)than if I pressed on with urgency to finish while I had time to "get it done."

  5. I like that you have a country cottage not far from a city, that you see tiny details, make delicious food. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to more dolls.

    I too know what you mean about being alone. And wisdom ladyfromthe woods shared!

  6. Dear Jenny,

    You have been posting so many delicious-sounding recipes that I would like to try, but if you don't mind, I am particularly interested in those potatoes - they look just like the scalloped potatoes that my Grandma used to make and our family has not been able to match them. Would you mind sending the recipe our way?

    On a separate note ~ thanks for your blog. It's like getting to visit a neighbor even though I'm all the way in California and you're in Australia! I just got my first sewing machine for Christmas and am looking forward to learning how to sew curtains - I see the how those you've made add so much to the warmth and welcome of your home.



  7. When we were little we used to sing "Over the river and up the hill to Grandmother's house we go! The car knows the way to take us today..." When I saw your post title it brought back memories! :o) I was inspired by your post with the Larsson calendar awhile back. I just redid my home management notebook and used all Larsson pics for the dividers and blogged it today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. My Mum used to have a plant. When we moved here 4 years ago there was some plants at a stall up the street. I recognised the most advanced one as a swan plant, or maybe it had a tag. We have had two wonderful years of monarch butterflies because of this bush.


    I have a small pic of one there.


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