New calendar

15 Jan 2008

We went to town today as I needed to get Andy some new school shoes and Stephen had seen some drastically reduced that he thought would be suitable.
Andy has a terrible track record with school shoes.
His all time record is a pair of shoes that fell apart after only TWO weeks wear last year. These were replaced without cost to us and the new ones lasted FOUR weeks, we got our money back and bought a different style.
They lasted most of the year but for the last two months of school they needed almost daily repairs using greater and greater imagination to find ways to hold them together until the end of the year.

The other thing I needed to look for was a new calender. I managed to find one at half price that was just perfect: a Carl Larsson calendar.

I love
Larsson paintings and regularly get books from the library with his wonderful prints depicting his beautiful family and home.

Some of these pictures are from my calendar and some are just pictures I love

Flowers on the Windowsill by Carl Larsson

This one above is the print that hangs in my hallway

The Kitchen by Carl Larsson

and I just love the simplicity and colours of this kitchen scene.

Breakfast under the Big Birch by Carl Larsson

Doesn't this look like the perfect place for a family summer breakfast.

I will the recipe for the Chocolate Brownie Torte tomorrow, I'm just waiting for the OK from Jewels.

11 Responses to “New calendar”

  1. A few years ago I had a Carl Larsson calendar too...he is the best painter ever, and I want a house like that! I once read that he had a very miserable childhood, and he made the promise to himself to give his children everything he didn't have.

  2. Many years ago, my grandmother wrote us a note on a Carl Larsson card, the one of the girls in the yellow kitchen. I fell in love immediately, but didn't realized until recently that he painted so many wonderful scenes. Thanks for jogging my memory!

  3. I bought one calendar for 2008, at the end of last year -- guess which one? LOL. It's not the same as yours though, it has different Larsson prints. I love Larsson.

  4. I especially love the snowy scene with the little girl on the sled and the one with the child looking at the Christmas tree. What a sweet calendar. Our local nursery gave us a calendar when we bought our Christmas tree. It has beautiful pictures of seasonal plants.

  5. Thank you for the post on Carl Larrson. I'm ashamed to admit I'v not seen his work before. But I have discovered it and I will be eternaly grateful. He is wonderful and so many beautiful paintings. It goes to show you that you learn something new every day.
    I love the color of the yarn you are knitting and the great photos of the cake and the poor poor deprived chooks.So nice to see so much sunshine. It's going to snow here and even though it's sunny still it's a warm 16 F.
    Thanks again!

  6. I'm very fond of Carl Larsson too. I've never seen a calendar of his art. Lucky you!


  7. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's Carl Larsson calendar...

  8. I love that calander. My family has always loved Carl Larsson art. I may have to ee if I can find one. Oh yes this is the first time I have commented on your blog, so I also wanted to say I love your dolls. My mother does as well and she is the one who directed me to your site. I have enjoyed quite a few of your posts. Thanks

  9. I love Carl Larsson. I have a set of four Larsson friezes which I have had framed. Each frieze has three pictures in it - and I recognize a lot of your calendar pictures, although not all. I'd love to have the calendar - for decoupage.

    Blessings and bliss

  10. I've just returned a book about the lives and works of Karl and Karin Larsson to the library after having it checked out for nearly 2 months, now.
    I've been seeing other mention of him around the blogs in the past week or so, too.

  11. I've got a cross stitch of "The Kitchen" in my hallway. I too am obsessed with his nostalgic.


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