Life at home

7 Jan 2008

Definitely an at-home day today. Kate spent the day resting, reading, playing with dolls. She watched a movie and had a rest or two. Gran and Dessie visited. She had another rest. She is in good spirits and hasn't needed much in the way of pain relief.

I spent the day being a mum plus catching up .
It was a day of washing, load after load into the washing machine and then out on to the line.
It was a good drying day.
I baked; choc chip cookies, boiled fruit cake, a loaf of bread and made a pint of vanilla ice cream.
I tidied my bedroom and sorted through some paperwork that was to be dealt with last Friday but life intervened.

I received a big fat parcel full of soft fluffy sheep's wool ready to stuff some new dolls and some gorgeous boucle mohair just right for some curly red hair on a sweet little doll.

I managed to finally write a letter to Jayne and Jewels, Christmas letters , maybe that should be New Year's letters.

I watered my poor pot plants that had been completely forgotten since the hospital dramas and were suffering badly.


Stephen went back to work today and Louis started work.
He has some casual work for a month or so to start his year off from school while he works out what he wants to be when he grows up.


Thank you for all your kind thoughts and good wishes for Kate.

They are much appreciated.

2 Responses to “Life at home”

  1. Dear Jenny,
    I really enjoy your blog.
    The look in the fathers eyes says it all..He is so very proud and loves his son very much...

    I'm glad Katie is doing well!

  2. Like Carrie said, the photo of your son and husband is so sweet- it seems to capture so much love.


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