In the cool of the evening.

1 Jan 2008


Can you believe they are playing tennis again? I'm not sure how long Stephen can keep going but he's determined not to give in.


They went quite late this evening, it's been a hot oppressive day so they waited till the cool of the twilight to play. Kate, Andy and I had dinner in the garden; new potatoes smothered in melted bitter, freshly chopped coleslaw and left over cold chicken and a yummy terrine I made for Christmas day. The terrine is a mixture of pork and chicken with jewel like beads of emerald green pistachio nuts and ruby red cranberries.


I've been trying to keep the water up to the garden as we have had little rain lately and with hot days and drying winds the gardens , not to mention the humans and animals, suffer if they don't get some extra water. This is the sweetest, softest pink strawberry flower standing tall as the sprinkler rains on it.


This year for the first time we are growing capsicums, so cute and shiny. They are only as big as an apricot at the moment but the little plant is loaded.

bound for Victoria 1

Speaking of cute and sweet, this little one is off to New South Wales to fill a custom order for an early January birthday girl.

I have a little news from Jewels that I think is OK to share. Jewels and her family are on the move to their new home having finalised the sale of their little cottage. As you can imagine life has been very busy for them especially over Christmas and they are grateful for all your prayers and good wishes.

6 Responses to “In the cool of the evening.”

  1. Yes it was very hot here today too Jenny. We also had fresh coleslaw, but cold ham, not chicken. Just how long can the Christmas ham keep on keeping on??

    We too have capsicums although ours are smaller than yours.

    Your dolls are just beautiful.
    cheers Lenny

  2. Happy New Year Jenny... We may have snow flurries today, so it is funny to read of heat and growing bell peppers (as we call them here.

    Wishing you much love and joy in 2008... and keeping Jewels and family in my thoughts also.

  3. The little doll is so cute. I love reading about how hot it is where you are when there is so much snow where I am, it makes the world seem so small.

  4. Hello Jenny,
    Happy New Year.It is very hot here too, in N.S.W. but have had some lovely rain in December. Thankyou for sending some news about Jewels and her family.
    I am enjoying reading your blog and love your dolls.

  5. Oh, how lovely that little girl doll is. Thank you for posting her - she makes a mom who is a bit old for dolls long for one! Maybe I can convince my girls they need one!
    Found you through Uncommon Grace, and so glad I did. Cheers in this new year!

  6. beautiful doll! thank you for the update on Jewels. I miss her blog so much.



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