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10 Jan 2008

yellow plums

It has been uncomfortably hot here. The kind of heat that makes an afternoon nap compulsory. The kind of heat that makes eating outdoors under the trees essential to catch the slight cooling of the evening breeze. The kind of still heat that makes far away sounds seem close as the house sits open, every window flung up to catch whatever relief there is from the trapped indoor air.

blue plums

I am constantly grateful for the many trees we planted years ago as well as those we inherited. They help to make our garden a haven from the heat of the summer of sun and give the gardens some protection from harshness of the dry, dry weather we are facing this year.

apricots and the washing

We haven't been able to visit the pool because of Kate's recent operation.I can hardly expect her to sit on the side in the blazing sun while we frolic in the cool water. Instead, during the worst of the day you will find us inside our darkened house. The windows are thrown open to the early morning soft coolness and again in the evening but in the middle of the day when you can smell the heat all the windows and doors are closed against the weather, curtains that may let in the sun are drawn and life is taken quietly.

We don't get too many fierce days like this but it's fun for a little while to withdraw into the half darkness and enjoy a siesta.


Dinner was cooked outside tonight, barbecued chump lamb chops, coleslaw and salad.

egg and ham pie

Last night we had a technicolour dinner: egg and bacon, make that ham, pie. We are still using up the last of the Christmas ham mixed with broken and barely mixed eggs and a sprinkle of parsley.

egg and ham pie

It goes so well with my Christmas present saucepans.

14 Responses to “Hot”

  1. gorgeous fruit - do you manage to save it from the birds? We have dreadful trouble getting any apricots at all.

  2. Beautiful fruit trees you have! That sweltering summer weather...yikes! We close things up, too, when that happens.

  3. The trees are so beautiful. I like this fruits.

  4. What a blessing to have all those fantabulous fruit trees! Here in the middle of the US the best I can do is an apple tree here and there. Do your clothes smell extra fruity fresh? :-)

  5. Hello Jenny :)
    I am watching my snowy weather, while I look at your blog and you are sweltering on the other side of the world. Your technicolor pie looks so good, I would need to try that. Have a wonderful day.

  6. I will gladly change places! I too look out my windows and see a dreary grey world -- we've had fog of all things this week, so it's dull dull and dull some more. Your photos look so inviting.... there are indeed places in the world where the landscape expands beyond the colours of steel grey and dirty snow!
    Afternoon siestas are lovely too, and compulsory here too...too cold to do anything else and it's the only time the little Budster (cat) will cuddle with me.

  7. When I see your yummy baked goods that you make during the summer, I only think of one thing. How are you able to bake without making the house unbearable? Although we are presently in a rather warm winter mode, it is still good baking weather. I am going to bake double and freeze it until the weather becomes too warm to bake.

  8. Your trees are wonderful. Can you eat any of the fruit? I hope you get some cool breezes soon!


  9. Just catching up after an absence ... so sorry to hear of Kate's news but glad she's well and truly on the mend.

    Hope this sweltering weather breaks soon!

    ps. those blue and white candlesticks are to die for!

  10. We had such weather this past summer; stultifying. That pie looks quite scrumptous.

  11. Hi Kris, the plums are quite tart so the birds leave them alone. I use them to make worcestershire sauce. We have two apricots trees , the birds and possums have one , we have the other.

    Hi Gigi,any cooking I have done has been done late in the day when things have cooled a little or outside on the BBQ.

  12. Ooohh, the plums. Sorry, I am over apricots. However, the lower, shaded apricots are ripening nicely. The birds are enjoying the very top ones (hard to pick, ladder needed), and much preserving has been done. Plums next - when it cools down!

  13. I love the gnome! and dinner looks nummy!


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