Here it is...

23 Jan 2008

the beret 4

The beret!

the beret 1

the beret 3

the beret 2

19 Responses to “Here it is...”

  1. That came out very well!! I like how it swirls together on top. :o)

  2. Oh my, how ADORABLE!! LOVE it!!

    Maybe you'll put one on a dolly in your shop soon? I just might have to have one, just might. (Or my daughter...or my nieces...AND me!)


  3. Stopping by to see your dolls. Sarah's doll is lonely and we are looking for a friend. I'll have to check back often as I know your sweeties move fast.

  4. That is very, very cute. I like it a lot.

    My Cup Runneth Over...

  5. Great! And very nice colours. "Schöne farben"

  6. Oh, so cute! What a clever lady you are. Will you be posting a pattern?

  7. It is beautiful! I like the top pattern too, and it has the perfect amount of drape.

  8. I love it! I fits so nicely on the dolls head!

  9. so cute! great job! Love the red ribbing!

  10. This is one cool doll. Congratulations the beret is great are you thinking of making some for your family.(for winter of course)
    Bev C


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