11 Jan 2008


This is the some total of my creative output this week; an unfinished pot holder and a gnome.
A potholder has become necessary because my brand new whizz bang saucepans have one slight design fault. The handles on the saucepan lids become incredibly hot. Up until now I have been grabbing a teatowel to remove the lid but with gas burners this is a daredevil act sure to end in tears and flames if I continue.

Enter the potholder.
It was needed in a hurry so I threw it together intending to do the hand sewing "later". You know "later", that place where all half finished craft projects go.
At least the holder is being used and it's made from the very best materials: two layers of purposely felted baby blanket, a piece of rather nice blue quilting fabric and the applique, cleverly placed in the centre to maximise the insulation factor is 100% wool felt. None of your synthetic rubbish here.


This little gnome was in fact started about two years ago. I knitted his little body parts intending to replace a gnome savagely mutilated by a devilish cat, Maggie I think.
The knitted pieces have been sitting safely in a zip lock bag waiting to be saved from "Later Land".
Today was the big day.
I think he is cute in a weird kind of way and he does stand up by himself, unlike a certain toadstool being aired on blogland today. I think they would look rather nice together.


9 Responses to “Gnome”

  1. Cute gnome friend! I too have the cats who prey upon helpless small wool toys.

  2. LaterLand!! I have one of those here also...otherwise known as the bottom shelf of my sewing cupboard. Getting sadly very full to boot!

    I totally agree with your preference for 100% wool felt. I love it and can't abide the synthetic "felt" that they sell. The problem is, where to find it? I can only get it in one color (undyed) here. Is it more readily available in Aus?

  3. I love the potholder. What beautiful work you do. I made my first waldorf doll because of you inspiration. She is 16 inches and soo cute.(posted picture on my blog) Thanks for your many doll pictures. How big are your dolls? The hair is what I found the most difficult. But then she is only the first of this type. Thanks again for inspiriting me. Jan (grandma to almost 12)!

  4. Oh! I love, love, love that gnome!!! And wool felt is my favorite...was just showing my daughters the difference as we had a rogue piece of synthetic sitting around. Also, I am all too familiar with "LaterLand." Sigh...

  5. Do you have a pattern for your little gnome? I'm starting to get inspired to make some.

  6. The little gnome looks so cute sitting in the flowerpot.

  7. cute creations. stopping by to say"howdy" has been a while since I have visited.
    hope you are having a good weekend.

  8. Hi Diane, I can only buy wool felt through a mail order service in Australia and I think a lot of their felt come from Europe. I'm sure if you found a a Waldorf supplies shop on line you would be able to order wool felt.

    Hi Jan, I checked out your doll and she is beautiful. you did a great job. The hair can be tricky but as you do more dolls and experiment more you will really enjoy it.

    Hi Sarah, I do have a pattern somewhere. It was given to me many years ago. I'll try to find it for you.


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