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25 Jan 2008

Books in Winter by Jessie Wilcox-Smith

"Of course you must understand that Grey Rabbit's home had no electric light or gas, and even the candles were made from pith of rushes dipped in wax from the wild bees' nests, which Squirrel found. Water there was plenty, but it did not come from a tap. It flowed from a spring outside, which rose up from the ground and went to a brook. Grey Rabbit cooked on a fire, but it was a wood fire, there was no coal in that part of the country. Tea did not come from India, but from a little herb known well to country people, who once dried it and used it in their cottage homes. Bread was baked from wheat ears, ground fine, and Hare and Grey rabbit gleaned in the cornfields to get the wheat.

The doormats were plaited rushes, like country-made mats, and the cushions were stuffed with wool gathered from the hedges where sheep pushed through the thorns. As for the looking glass, Grey Rabbit found the glass, dropped from a lady's handbag, and Mole made a frame for it. Usually the animals gazed at themselves in the still pools as so many country children have dons. The country ways of Grey Rabbit were the country ways known to the author."

The Foreword from Little Grey Rabbit's Valentine by Alison Uttley

I love these little books, I love Little Grey Rabbit's sweet kitchen and her blue gingham curtains and tablecloth.
And I love silly Hare and and Fuzzypeg and Moldy Warp and Squirrel.

9 Responses to “For your enjoyment”

  1. That is so lovely! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I did enjoy it! I'm ashamed to admit I had never heard of her or the littl grey rabbit. I am now better infomed and throughly enchanted

  3. I did enjoy it! I'm ashamed to admit I had never heard of her or the littl grey rabbit. I am now better infomed and throughly enchanted

  4. Oh my gosh, that book looks too darling. I may have to try to find that one. My kiddos love books about animals.

    Also you have been tagged if you care to play along, please visit my blog and check out the rules.

    Thanks so much.

  5. Hi Jenny :) Sounds delightful! My sweeties and I are always on the lookout for wonderful books. I will look for these. Thanks for the recommendation! Love, Q

  6. Thanks for sharing these books with us. Somehow, I missed knowing Little Grey Rabbit when I was a little girl. Perhaps because they are English. I looked them us on the USA version of and found a goodly number of them. They ranged in price from a very reasonable price of $.32 for "Further Tales of Little Grey Rabbit to a high of (gulp) $1,312.50 for a first printing of "Little Grey Rabbit's Christmas" !
    I think that I would enjoy them - I too have blue and white checked curtains in my kitchen :o)

    Mary L

  7. Little Grey Rabbit was one of the first books I read, after Janet and John of course (I'm 60 this year). Thanks for reminding me and everyone else of them , they were and still are wonderful gentle books.

  8. Oh adore Alison Uttley and Little Grey Rabbit. Clarice

  9. Alison Uttley is one of my favourite authors.Have you read any of her books for older children e.g 'A Country Child' or for adults 'Country Things' or 'Country Hoard' and many more.


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