A Dolly Day

22 Jan 2008

knitting a doll's beret

I have been working on dollies all day, mostly making heads and stitching bodies.
Somewhere along the line I decided that a beret might look nice on a doll so I started experimenting.

cup of tea brought to me by Kate

While I was knitting I sat on the couch and chatted to Kate.
She made me a lovely and very pretty cup of tea complete with a biscuit to dunk but I ate that first, you can just see a few crumbs on the saucer. When there is just the two of us she likes to use the special cups so we can be ladies.

thin wool

I had my box of 4ply wool at my feet, sock wool, baby wool and the like .
I kept getting drawn to the gorgeous balls of angora that I found at the op shop before Christmas but I resisted the temptation.
I couldn't bear to waste it on something that might be a disaster.
I love angora, not so much to wear as it gets up my nose but to use for sweet little things like booties or tiny toys, maybe some baby birds.

Kate's new doll

Kate's doll sat beside me waiting patiently to get some clothes, a face and some hair.
A beret would be handy until the hair is done.
Katie has been waiting a long time for her doll partly because of all the rush and fuss before Christmas and my general lethargy after Christmas and partly because she is having trouble deciding the details like eye colour, hair style and so on. Oh the traumas of having a doll making mother. Decisions, decisions.

The beret was a success but the pattern needs to be tweaked a bit.
I only finished it a little while ago and it's not stitched up yet so you will have to wait to see it. In between starting and finishing I had to make dinner, eat dinner and visit a neighbour, I'm not really so slow at knitting.

I will be updating the blog shop on January 31st but there may be some sneak previews before then.


3 Responses to “A Dolly Day”

  1. Hi Jenny :) I loved that Kate chooses pretty cups for the two of you. My Miss M always chooses special cups for our teas for two, too. Love, Q

  2. Oh, this reminds me so of one of my very favorite books when I was a child, called Katie Comes Next by Laura Bannon (http://www.amazon.com/Katy-comes-next-Laura-Bannon/dp/B0006AW0RA)

    Katie is the doll in the story - much loved but falling apart. But the little girl's parents run a doll hospital, and poor Katie keeps getting put on the back burner by doll emergencies. But they finally decide to close the shop one day and declare it "Katie COmes First" day - and then Katie is given a clean up and fresh paint and new eyes and wig and clothes... and you get to see all the choices, as well as what the little girl chose.. and it is a wonderful book. I still enjoy reading it as a grown up!!


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