Day of gentle rest

13 Jan 2008

vintage dolly in one of my old dresses

Vintage dolly, my dolly, in one of my old dresses made by my mum; surrounded by bike helmets and winter coats and little dishes for fussy cats. Waiting for a game with Ruby and Kate I think.

home grown apricots

Home grown apricots, not perfect but oh so nice.

Sunday morning.

A gentle Sunday morning, new library book, some colour co ordinated knitting and an empty plate that once held a couple of pieces of rather nice fruit cake. Bus ticket as a book mark and paper clip to hold the book open as I knit, all settled on the trunk that Stephen made for me so many years ago.

fixing that darn bike

Fixing that darn bike, again.

home grown tomatoes

Home grown, pleated and blouson style tomatoes, a gift from a friend with a greenhouse, eaten for lunch with freshly baked foccacia and some basil pesto.

newly churned delciate chocolate ice cream

Just churned, delicately pale, chocolate ice cream ready for the freezer and then destined for some hungry tummies.

I wish you all a day of gentle rest and good food.

7 Responses to “Day of gentle rest”

  1. I've never tried a binder clip to keep my book open. But I have used a clear plastic cookbook holder to slip my book behind.

    I can't wait until the weather warms and we can put tomatoes in the garden. I miss walking through the garden and brushing the leaves.

    Thanks for the pictures!


  2. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. Visiting your blog is like a peaceful rest in the garden- always a delight.

  3. We were just lamenting that we'd not had homemade chocolate ice cream in oh, so long, and here you have some of the yummy stuff pictured. It's the depths of winter here, we've seen the sun for a total of 15 minutes in the last three days....but I think that chocolate ice cream might be in order soon anyway! Your pictures are delightful!

  4. what lovely pictures, and I love your embroidered quilt. Whereve did you get your pretty embroidery patterns?

  5. Thank you, Jenny, for this loveliness!

  6. Your place has a couple of things in common with The Trad Pad at the moment. I am just finishing Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - from the Upper Gully Library - and I am just starting to harvest my tomatoes of quite a variety of varieties. Would love to hear what you think of A, V, M. I am a big Kingsolver fan? Have you read her previous book, a novel, Prodigal Summer?

    Blessings, bliss and happy new year

  7. Hi Sharon , the embroidery pattern is a Bare roots pattern. They have a website if you google Bareroots you will be able to find it. I did have the pattern but I gave it away.The pattern is called basket quilt and pillows, product # 57.

    Hi Miss Eagle, I haven't read any other books by her but I am enjoying this one. I like the conversational style and I like the fact that although they have chosen a new place to live they are continuing a way of life they have always followed rather than suddenly discovering they needed to look after their world better and trying to change after having lived to excess before then.
    I think it makes their changes seem less like they are following a new fashion rather it's a part of their journey.


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