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Chocolate Brownie Torte

14 Jan 2008

chocolate brownie torte

Last July I copied a recipe from Jewels' blog, Eyes of Wonder, which is no longer a public blog.
The thought of a Chocolate Brownie Torte when my family were right in the middle of our birthday season was too good to pass up.
However, I didn't actually get round to baking it until now.

Jewels wrote the recipe in her typical long winded conversational way so it was pleasure today to read through the recipe and follow her instructions. I felt as though she was here with me leading me through the steps.

This is a seriously rich cake...

chocolate brownie torte

...deliciously gooey and fudgy.

The original recipe calls for a vast quantity of cream to help cut the richness and sweetness of the torte but as one member of this family doesn't like too much cream I only put a little on and offered the rest in a separate bowl.

I think it will taste even better tomorrow.

chook manor

I'm quite sure none of it will end up down at Chook Manor.
Sorry guys but I'm sure vegie scraps and bruised apricots are better for you anyway.

11 Responses to “Chocolate Brownie Torte”

  1. OOOOOHHHHH! That looks wonderful!!! Jenny, how do you do so much baking when it is summertime?! I am impressed, to say the least. :o) Do you think that Jewels would allow you to share the recipe again on your site?? Maybe she could "Guest Blog..." How lucky for you that you copied down her recipe...

  2. That looks wonderfully delicious! I'm kicking myself for not saving that recipe when Jewels posted it, LOL. I'm getting ready to take the plunge and make a doll and wanted to thank you for your past post on resources and suggestions- it's been a big help!

  3. Yummmy! Do you think it would be too rich as a breakfast treat? Sounds just perfectly gooey on this chilly snowy morning.

  4. Does that make my mouth water or what! I was a regular reader of Jewels' blog and miss it. Although I read it I never became a close friend so I'm no longer able to read it. I enjoyed the simplicity of her life and her faith.

  5. Hello Jenny. This looks so good. I too wish I would have copied it before Jewels closed shop. I have her banana friendship cake recipe and dijon chicken recipe, but not this one.
    Could you possibly post it here?
    I miss Jewels' blog so much. I am happy I found you though. You both live the "simple life" I desire.

  6. Hi Jenny :) Adding my request for the recipe to list! Thanks & love, Q

  7. That just looks sinfully delicious...mmmm.

  8. Yummmy and such a pretty plate it is sitting on also.....Mary

  9. Oh that is making me so hungry. I will have to do with a bowl of ice cream instead just to please that sweet tooth urge your post has just gave me. I love your chook house and your garden is just beautiful.

  10. Oh boy, I LOVE that Chook Manor. It's wonderful!


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