A bubbling brew

18 Jan 2008


A summer day at home.
Rise early to spend some quiet time before the real day begins.
The promise of a hot day ahead.
Wake the men and cook them some breakfast, poached eggs on toast.
Second sitting of breakfast after Stephen and Louis head off to work on their bikes.
This time weetbix and warm milk and a good cup of tea.

A busy day of a humming washing machine and a full clothesline.
A good clean up,
clutter put away,
surfaces tidy,
floors clean,
cool and smooth underfoot.

Baking after cheese and tomato sandwiches for lunch.
A double batch of gingernut biscuits.
Delicious spicy ginger fragarance wafts through the house.
Stewed some old apples ready to make an apple cake.

Two children up the apricot tree picking all they can find.
Ripe fruit has been dropping and some is starting to rot on the tree.
We have eaten all we can, now it's time to start making a bubbling brew; stewing, chutney making, jam making.

Freezing the stewed fruit ready for delicious easy to make tarts and pies.
A layer of pastry, shortcrust or rough puff, as big or as small as you like.
Fold over the edges a couple of times to make walls of the tart or use a tart dish.
Sprinkle with a layer of brown sugar, taste the stewed apricots to judge how much you need. Cover the sugar with a thick layer of apricots, another layer of brown sugar and a hefty sprinkle of almond meal and maybe some cinnamon too.
Bake for about 20 minutes in a moderately hot oven.
You will smell it when it's ready.
Serve with cream or ice cream or custard, or if you are my mum, serve with all three.
So simple, so yummy.

Homemade pizzas for tea, each person responsible for their own toppings. Washed down with cold sparkling apple cider to welcome the weekend and the start of two weeks holiday for Stephen.

Cricket and tennis on the TV tonight, compulsory viewing for some in the family, a bit of a bore for others.


9 Responses to “A bubbling brew”

  1. I always feel so relaxed after visiting your blog! Those are some beautiful photos.
    I'm looking forward to a shop update :)

  2. I love the way you write.. The pie sounds scrumptious.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day, Jenny. Have a wonderful weekend. Love, Tami

  4. Dear Jenny,

    Your blog, as always, is so beautiful and inspiring. I finally have taken the plunge and started a blog - please stop by for a visit at:


    I used to read Eyes of Wonder and I miss Jewels so terribly, if you think of it, would you be so kind as to let her know I have a blog now and I would love it if she paid a visit?

    Thank you so kindly,

  5. A poem of your day and living it.


  6. Well said Jen! Your blog is so beautiful. I always love visiting it.
    That's a good idea of a way to record the day. Might give it a go.

  7. I always feel so happy after visiting your blog!!

  8. hi
    Reading back your posts again....
    Love this one , would love to see more of your day to day cooking and household posts it makes me feel like doing more work in my home too...
    You inspire me to live a positive day so please write more about your day to day with photos please....


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