Virgilia carpet

20 Dec 2007

the berries are ready

We had the tiniest bit of rain this morning and a bit more through the day along with thunder crashing and dark skies.

the berries are ready

I went for a walk in the garden before breakfast mainly to see if there was anything to eat and to check what pests might be eating the garden. The berries, I don't know whether they are logan berries or youngberries, are ripening and the birds haven't noticed them yet so various family members have been slinking off unnoticed only to be found later at the side of the house risking serious scratches to find the most succulent ripe berry. The fruit doesn't usually ripen until after Christmas, in early January, must be the weather.

Shackie investigating a snail

Shackleton accompanied me around the garden and found a snail to investigate at the pond.

Shackie investigating a snail

The pond water is quite clear and fresh looking but the weed we put in to give the tadpoles some shelter has thrived and covered the entire surface. With the rain there were tiny sparkling beads of water all over the weed. The snails and slugs can actually slide across the weed without slipping into the water and the weed often wriggles as the tadpoles tug and munch on it from below.

Shackie investigating a snail

In the end Shackie decided a drink would be better than a boring old snail.


Some parts of our garden seem to be very slow this year but gradually fruit is growing and staring to colour and the plants are doing what they need to and will provide us with food as the season moves on.

peeping pumpkin flower

virgilia carpet

This is the virgilia carpet , under the virgilia tree of course. The flowers are a pale pinky lilac colour when they fall and fade to creamy pink. You could almost pretend its snow.

The emergency doll is done and on its way. My time is now my own and I can truly concentrate on Christmas.
Thank you for all your kind comments and congratulations for Louis. He was of course mortified that I had mentioned him on the blog.

9 Responses to “Virgilia carpet”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful pictures! (Again) Our pond is completely covered in several feet of snow so it was nice to see yours. We have that same pondweed here in New England!!! That is amazing, I think!! I also wanted to thank you again and again because the two ADORABLE dolls have made it here safely and in time for Christmas.

  2. Just tell Louis that you are a proud Mum and wanted to share in his good fortune. Kudos to him for doing so great in his final year!

    Better yet...tell him it's a mum's prerogative to brag about the success of her children :)

  3. It is so fun to check out your blog and see what is going on on the other side of the world... I just adore your pictures!

  4. I always love "taking a look" at your garden. :)

  5. Oh my goodness! I don't think I've ever been here before.
    What an absolute pleasure.
    The music, the pictures, the Waldorfy goodness!
    May I add you too my links list?
    What fun...Xxx

  6. Hi Martha, do you know what the weed is called? My mum got it from a friend's pond.I am so happy you love your dolls. it has been very stressful waiting for them all to arrive.

    Hi Maggie,thanks.

    Hi Diane, thank you.

    Hi Poppy or is it Mei, of course you can add me to your links list. I think I visited your blog the other day.

  7. Lovely garden shots you shared with us! Being wintertime here, I really enjoyed your budding springtime!

    ~~Happy Holidays!

  8. Jenny...I tried to research the pondweed and as far as I could tell, it is Duckweed. ??? The jury is still out, but if you ever find out for certain, let me know! :o)


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