21 Dec 2007

We went into town to do a little Christmas shopping today. My children don't get much in the way of new clothes through the year so birthdays in winter take care of their winter wardrobe and Christmas takes care of their summer needs.
It is kind of carrying on a family tradition, my mum always gave us a shorts and t shirt set and new sandals for Christmas.
Now that the boys are older I have to consult them on what clothes they want and get them to try a few things on then they leave the store and I buy something from their selection. They like it to be a surprise but sometimes that is difficult. My boys absolutely hate shopping so they put it off until the very last moment.

We also bought Stephen a new hammock to replace the last one that died dramatically a couple of years ago.
We checked out the second hand and new book shops and the Oxfam shop.
It was quite busy in town but mainly with the types of people who leave things until the last moment: people like me plus a lot of teenagers buying for their parents and siblings. Everyone seemed quite happy and there was a relaxed atmosphere.
The absolute last minute shoppers, the husbands and boyfriends were nowhere to be seen, still too early for them.

Earlier this week or late last week my copy of Living Crafts arrived. I had read about it on a couple of blogs, checked out their website and decided to buy a subscription as I doubt it will ever be in the stores here.

It has some great craft in it, all using natural fibres and aimed at parents making craft for and with their children plus a rather nice knitting pattern for an elegant looking jumper.

9 Responses to “Shopping”

  1. Sounded like a fun shopping day...though some may think that "fun shopping" is an oxymoron. ;o)
    We are addicted to making the felt hearts in the Living Arts magazine.

  2. In this hemisphere my m-i-l has the tradition of giving slippers, warm winter pajamas and gloves or mittens for Christmas.

    Enjoy your Chirstmas.

  3. OOOOOOO..... that magazine looks like a *need*....

    thanks (i think!) for sharing;-)

  4. Jenny,

    I had a good giggle over this line:

    "The absolute last minute shoppers, the husbands and boyfriends were nowhere to be seen, still too early for them."

    Oh so very true at times! And true for girlfriends as well. I told my bf he'll get his gift at New Years...mainly because I haven't even started it yet! Oops.

  5. I still have all our shopping to do so you're ahead of me!

    I really need to check out that magazine...looks great!

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Jenny!!

  6. Caught up on your blog, your gardedn is as usual beautiful. I love your felted angel. Even if she isn't strictly like the pattern, charming indeed. Your shopping trip sounds as if it was productive and lots of fun. My mom gave me a new Robe or pajamas every Christmas. Lots of fond memories.

  7. That magazine looks great. I have a little Christmas money coming in and I might just look into getting a subscription myself.

    Congratulations on Louis' sensational results. He must be relieved that it is all over.

    Merry Christmas to you and all the other members of the 'Wren' family:-)

    Kate xxx

    PS When you commented on my blog this morning your username came up as a squiggly symbol. You might need to check this.

  8. The Living Crafts mag looks interesting must take a look at their website. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Carolyn x

  9. When i got on my husbands case, last week, about his Christmas shopping, he said "I finish work on Friday, and there is three days untill Cristmas, well its Sunday afternoon, and its still not done. you made me laugh with that comment about husbands, and boyfriends, they are really very funny, sould laugh at them more, Happy christmas, Jacky


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