29 Dec 2007


Up bright and early this morning, I quietly shut myself in the kitchen and gave it a good deep clean. I filled the sink with hot soapy water and wiped down all the bench tops and pantry shelves. I gave the kitchen table extra attention and polished it off with a soft dry cloth. I swept the floor with my trusty old soft broom and then finished off by washing up all the dishes that had settled on the counter. By this time the sun was up and flooding across the clean dishes. We only get the sun in the kitchen for a brief time each morning and its lovely to see it sparkling on the dishes.

Just before I finished my cleaning Andy passed through the kitchen on his way to the bathroom.The back door was wide open to the sun and fresh air, the cats were washing themselves on the back doorstep.



I managed to get all the washing done and dry today, a perfect drying day. Lots of towels and teatowels and dishcloths now clean and dry, ready to be folded and stacked away.
The Christmas tent is still in the garden, pure seventies retro bliss, it has a bed in it now and is a lovely place to sneak away for a quiet read and nap and pretend that you are camping but without any of the associated discomforts.


I spent the rest of the day sewing, I finished off an apron for myself...


and started a dress for me ...


plus a pair of red gingham shorts for Kate to wear to the pool.
It's so difficult to find a decent pair of shorts for a young girl on the cusp of adolescence. Everything seems to be hipster style and very short and she didn't feel comfortable in any of them.
Now she has a comfortable, modest pair that cost very little and look fresh and pretty.


Late this afternoon we walked to the pool at the golf club over the back.
They have offered social membership for only $55 for the year that lets us have full use of their lawn tennis courts and swimming pool.
It is a ten minute walk away and was a very pleasant way to spend an hour or two.
I knitted a dishcloth while we were there and later the boys arrived to play tennis and swim.


I sat peacefully under a tree, knitting and watching the wildlife. It wasn't quite hot enough for me to swim.

19 Responses to “Saturday”

  1. I wish I could be in your wonderful garden, When christmas time is over i am looking for summer.

  2. What a lovely day! I adore the cat on the cute. And that tree in your garden is just grand. WOW! It must be an oldie. Thanks again for the wonderful pictures and post. :o)

  3. Hi Jen,your pictures are so lovely. I so enjoy visiting your blog. It is such a encouraging place. Your home seems so peaceful! Thanks for sharing and God Bless.


  4. It looks like such a beautiful, peaceful day.

  5. I could almost smell the air that was drying the towels and the chlorine of the pool. Vivid post and beautiful pictures. Enjoyable.

  6. I love the picture of the sun sparkling on the dishes, and the clothes on the clothes line- that just makes me long for spring when I can do that. It's snowing outside my window right now.

  7. It gives me such pleasure to read your blog!

    Here I am on the other side of the world... wearing a wooley robe against the draft and relishing my steamy cup of coffee. The wind is rattling the window panes, but you help me remember summer:-)

  8. What a beautiful day you have enjoyed. It's a pleasant reminder to those of us experiencing winter here in the US that brighter days will return!

    Happy Holidays!

  9. I haven't seen a more charming kitchen sink picture since Jewels closed her blog. Laundry on the line, knitted washcloths, dolls all dressed in pinafores and pantaloons, Josh Groban on the sidebar, it all does my heart good, so thank you Jenny Wren.

  10. Every picture is homey and warm and welcoming. Thank you for the peek into your life.


  11. Doesn't it feel marvelous to get things done! Good for you. I'm afraid I'm still in "down" mode.

  12. I love the garden and have been catching up on my visiting with you. I love all the dolls that you made for Christmas. I am wishing you all a verry Happy New Year.

  13. Jen, your garden is very refreshing! I love it. So inspiring and peaceful looking. Love the cat on the shelf ~ reminds me of our cat.
    Have a lovely day :)

  14. Oh, the green!! So lush and beautiful. It's so hot and dry up here in central Vic. Such a dustbowl. Your blog is like an oasis that I love to visit every time you update. What a true joy to read.

    PS: I really wanna move to Tassie. ;o)

  15. Beautiful pictures. I love your garden.
    It's snowing outside my window.

  16. I finishing washing MY looking at your pictures :D

  17. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, peaceful life with us. I really want to make a knitted dishcloth. I was wondering if you could sent or post where I can find instructions for them.
    Many thanks

  18. Hoping you had wonderful Christmas holidays & Happy New Year!

  19. Hi Angelika, you are welcome anytime.

    Hi Martha, the tree is a blackwood and I think is as old as the house, about 75.

    Hi Shelley, I love that you enjoy my blog.

    Hi Anna, it was a peaceful day.

    Hi Lady from the woods, doesn't the smell of chlorine take you right back to summers spent around the pool.

    Hi Dawn, every season has its special beauty doesn't it.

    Hi Diane, I love those cosy winter days.

    Hi Tammy, and when you are in the middle of summer we will be back in our winter woollies.

    Hi eyelandgirl, I'm flattered , I loved those pictures of Jewels kitchen sink too, especially the bunch of flowers that used to sit on the counter.

    Hi Jody, you're welcome.

    Hi Rosa, it pays to make the most of the "getting things done" feeling when it strikes.There has been plenty of down time here too.

    Happy New Year to you too Mary Isabella.

    Hi Ailsa, with five cats there is always one where you least expect it.

    Hi Dot, it's pretty dry down here too but the established trees are always green and the shade helps the garden. We have quite sandy soil so parts of the garden are like the beach at the moment.

    Hi Bettina, snow, how wonderful.

    Hi Gina, there are always more dishes aren't there.

    Hi Sandra, there are lots of places to find dishcloth patterns,just google knitted dishcloths and you'll find something. Or cast on about 45 stitches, knit until it looks like you have a square and then cast off. Use 8ply cotton ( sportweight in the US I think, but I could be wrong)and 4mm needles.You can start experimenting with different stitch patterns and have fun.

    happy New Year to you too Angie.


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