Last week of school.

10 Dec 2007


Just a quick post as I am very tired tonight. I've been working hard to get all the dolls packed up and posted off so that they reach their homes by Christmas. The last ones will fly off tomorrow.


School finishes on Wednesday at lunch time. Tomorrow night is Kate's presentation night and then on Wednesday it is the senior school Speech Night for Andy and Louis. Then it's all over for another year.


This morning when I went out the back to put the washing on I took a turn around the garden with Poppy.


It is just so beautiful and full of life at the moment. We have had a little rain over the past few days and cooler temperatures and the garden has revived.


We have raspberries, youngberries, alpine strawberries and normal strawberries bearing fruit though not yet ripe.


We have walnuts and medlars, nectarines and apricots.


There are apples and plums and green gages and peaches.


There are grapes and feijoas, pears and a happy rhubarb.


Nothing is ready to harvest yet apart from the rhubarb but there will be lots of happy eating over the next few months.


It's a privilege to have such a lovely place right outside my back door.
It is such a great place to be quiet and still .
It so often feels like a secret garden.
I'll share some more pictures tomorrow.

10 Responses to “Last week of school.”

  1. your garden is so beautiful! hope you can get some rest :)


  2. I loved your mini garden tour. It is so wonderful to see all the beautiful plants and the sunshine. Were blessed with 5 inches of ice and the moment, and maybe with a little luck it will snow to give us some traction.
    Also your angel is adorable!

  3. Your garden made me think of fruit salad. Yum. I'm envious my raspberries don't have any colour yet.

    cheers Lenny

    Oh and how I wish my children were finishing school this week, we still have 8 days of school to go, I'm so ready for them to be home relaxing.

  4. Lovely, Jenny. I am looking forward to the day that my garden is as productive as yours.


  5. Your berries look divine. We can't grow most of the plants you have in your garden as it is too hot and humid here in Qld. Your garden is lovely.



  6. Thanks for the tour of the garden. Please get some rest. BlessingsMary

  7. Your angel is so adorable and your gatden truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us all :)

  8. Hi Jenny :) Your garden is gorgeous - oh, how we are missing ours (as we look forward to the possibility of some snow).

    Happy end of school to all of you! And I have to say that angel is just precious. She has so much personality, that I am certain she can speak :) Love to you, Q

  9. Just wanted to say that I wish you many blessing and to your son who is finishing up school this year. I, too, have a son who graduates this year (1/2 year until summer break yet). Personally, I have been on a rollercoaster ride of emotions while he decides where to study for college, not knowing if he'll be near or far, how often will he get to visit, have I been an encouragement to him as he chooses his own path? It is good to visit your blog to just sit in the company of another whose first baby is speading their wings. I wish you joy.


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