Happy New Year

31 Dec 2007


I can honestly say that I have had a wonderful year.
Even with the worries about my father's and my mother-in-law's health it has been a year of happiness and love.


I love to use the time between Christmas and the New Year to let the past twelve months wash over me ( in between naps of course) and begin dreaming about the new year ahead.


One of the things I've enjoyed most about this past year has been caring for my home and family, feeling really in tune the reality of my domesticity.


I've loved having the opportunity to make my dolls and improve my skills as well as learning how to run a mini, mini, micro business.


I've met some wonderful on line friends and found at least one kindred spirit whose friendship has sustained me and at times overwhelmed me.


I've grown in my spiritual journey and discovered even greater peace and contentment.


I have let go of some friendships that were vexatious ( love that word) and I am trying to let go of any negativity and tendencies towards being judgmental.


I have enjoyed my family so much, watching my children grow and learn and take steps towards becoming adults and friends.


I have enjoyed the support and love of my husband and have tried to be a good and truly supportive wife to him.

I am truly grateful that he is a hard working man who is willing to support his family and tries to live by his strong principles.


Now 2008 is on the horizon and people all over are planning and making resolutions to become the people they want to be.

I have found the freedom and acceptance to be me,
with all my flaws and talents.

I don't want to make resolutions I just want to continue to be in tune with my true self and open to the possibilities of the moment,
to revel in the love of my family and friends and
to be grateful for having family and friends to love and care for,
a home to make sweet for my family,
good food to prepare and share,
a peaceful land to live in,
good books to read and music to listen to,
a fine garden to work in and sit in
and strong,capable hands to craft things that bring joy to me and to others.

And I wish you all peace and contentment too.

8 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Thank you for your beautiful post, I love your attitude to resolutions and the place you find yourself in. I am in a similar place myself and with you also hope to look for the blessings and opportunities which come day by day, especially as a new life is added to our family in a few weeks.

  2. PS I love looking at your dolls. On Saturday I made a three piece-Jewels-inspired outfit for Little-Miss-4's new Baby Born doll. It looks lovely.

  3. what a lovely post :) It's great to feel your contentment through your words!

  4. Jenny,
    Thank you for always being a haven of inspiration and joy. Happy New Year. Love, Tami

  5. Happy New Year to you and your family. I aspire to be as content within my life and myself as you are Jenny.

    Your garden looks absolutely delightful, a wonderful place to spend time. Oh and the kitten popping out from under the chair is just gorgeous too.

    Thank you Lenny

  6. To be at peace and to be content.....that is the best of resolutions.

    Happiness in the New Year.

  7. I love who you pull together the different strands of your life into something whole and satisfying and sanctifying, Jenny. And I'm happy to hear Jewel's news too!

  8. Jenny,
    Thank you for those words...So very encouraging and real.
    Happy New Year.


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