Friday evening

7 Dec 2007


Well Friday evening has arrived and I have been unexpectedly abandoned. I'll be spending the evening finishing off all the doll underwear for the custom dolls that are flying off tomorrow.The rest of the gang have headed off to a carols evening. The boys are playing in the brass ensemble and at the last minute Kate and Stephen decided to join them. I'm developing a sore throat and sitting out singing carols under the stars might not be the best idea.

The school has a carol service in the Chapel on Sunday and as the boys have to perform at it that will be my chance to sing all my favourite carols. Though if my sore throat continues I'll be squawking rather than singing.


Kate got her guitar today. She has been saving forever to buy it and today was the big day.
Stephen picked it up for her and some where between the music shop and the car he lost the car keys. He was supposed to be collecting the boys from school as Andy has just returned from camp with all his gear plus his trumpet and Louis had his trombone.


Poor Stephen caught a bus home after missing one bus that he made a mad dash for. He was hot and sweaty and concerned about how the boys would get home so he quickly changed out of his work clothes, found the spare keys and ran to catch another bus into town to get the car.


Meantime the boys had caught the bus into town and gone to a friend's home because the next bus wasn't for another hour. His kind mother gave them a lift home.
Andy looked marvellously tanned and healthy after his week of rock climbing, sailing, sea kayaking and fresh air.

We haven't had much of a chance to catch up as he had to quickly shower, eat and get ready
to go out.
Life is not usually so rushed around here.


Louis is taking a more leisurely approach to dealing with his old school papers. I think he is just waiting for them to decompose, or perhaps become a bedroom mat.
He is taking the relaxation part of his holiday very seriously.

It's official , the big family Christmas is here this year although I think it will only be fifteen people so that's not so big. Everyone contributes by bringing food and drinks and usually the hostess doesn't have to do the washing up so I see this as a win win situation. The menu has been organised and I have to ring around tomorrow to confirm that everyone knows what they are doing. Now we just need fine weather so we can eat outside but we do have an old marquis style tent if we need it.
Should be fun.

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  1. That car thingy must have been frustrating. All is well that ends well, though, right? :)


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