Ducks and Angels

2 Dec 2007

Charlie 2

We welcomed a new little family member today; Charlie the bantam duck. We are not sure if it's a boy or a girl so it's short for Charlotte or Charles. It's a sweet little thing, just starting to get its pin feathers, still all soft and downy and a surprisingly good cuddler, very placid just be careful if it has to go to the toilet.

Charlie 1

Charlie is in a temporary cage while he/she gets used to the place but he/she will sleep with the chooks. Kate has wanted a duckling forever but we decided on a bantam because we once had a back garden full of full size ducks and that was an experience we never wanted to repeat.

The man who sold us the duck was a great fellow. "Salt of the Earth" Stephen called him. He had a wonderful little property jam packed with flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, ducks, chickens, pigeons and a couple of sheep. I'm sorry I didn't take my camera to share it all with you.

On our way home we stopped off at a winery we have bought wine from before but there was no one home. They had two very friendly, very large dogs and the back door was open but there was no sign of human life. On the drive out from the deserted Vineyard we stopped at a house with a hand painted sign for advanced tomato plants at a bargain price. The people selling them were a charming old couple and their green house was an old bus. I bought eight plants and they gave me one for free.

My new shop is now officially open with four Christmas angels as the opening stock. You can use paypal just like with etsy . If you have the time pop over and take a look. These dolls are ornaments rather than toys but still made from natural fibres.

Christmas angel 1

Christmas angel 2

Christmas angel 3

Christmas angel 4

9 Responses to “Ducks and Angels”

  1. Good Morning, Jenny...I love the angels. The different stockings are the perfect touch. I had to go back and look at them twice. :o)

  2. Oh, and that duckling! I'm so glad he/she is a cuddler. That baby is too precious not to cuddle!

  3. Love the angela and the new shop looks great best of luck. Also madly in love with the duck, didn't know you could get bantam ducks. I've long wanted some ducks but my husband who was brought up with loads of fowl said they would wreck the garden and pond so would a bantam duck be the ans? Would one be okay with the chickens?

  4. Jenny, what a cute little duck. I wonder, are there ever conflicts between your chickens and your cats?

  5. Hi Martha, thanks for the good wishes and yes it's lucky the duckling is a cuddler because she/he is too cute not to.

    Hi Carolyn, yes full size ducks can tend to wreck the garden but we had more than dozen so I don't know what just one would be like. The biggest problem was the amount of poo, not neat like chickens poo but puddly instead. Mind you we had no slugs or snails. I assuming Charlie will be OK with the chickens, we haven't had a problem before.

    Hi Anna, at the moment our chickens don't free range , they have a big yard. We have never had problems with cats and chickens before although our little kitten Shackleton is a fierce and determined hunter so I think she would worry them.

  6. Good luck with your new store Jenny, the angels are gorgeous.

    Inspired by your dolls, I'm just finishing a wee cushion doll. Had to laugh to see I'd sewn her head on at a weird angle, specially when I'd just read your ...ages ago...comment about doll's heads looking like their makers...hmm?

  7. That Charlie is so sweet.

    I like your angels. I just posted today about how I prefer handmade decorations.

  8. Ahhh, your duck is so SWEET.


  9. we too have recently added to our "barnyard flowl" menagerie. We have a new baby duckling and 2 baby chicklets. The baby duck will definitely wrap you areound it's little webbed feet.:0) they have such darling personalities.hope you have a lovely week. have you heard from Jewels lately?


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