27 Dec 2007


Here are some of the dolls I made for Christmas orders and shop orders. Unfortunately I didn't have time to get a picture of every doll I made so they are just a memory for me.















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  1. These are all so sweet! I just made my first Waldorf doll and am wondering if anyone can recommend a good source of patterns for doll clothing?

  2. Those are some very cute dolls. They must be hard to part with when you send them off.

  3. They are all so simple and yet each has a personality of its own. The hair intrigues me. Fine, fine work, Jenny.


  4. Wow, how magical.

    Looking at them all in a row like that made me think about how pure children are. Thank you for your contribution to lovely childhoods!

  5. I love them all!!! Your work is beautiful. I especially love to see all the different hair.

  6. Sweet, sweet, sweet! My favorite outfit is the last dress with the knit cardigan. The colors are amazing. The variety of texture and color of their hair is wonderful.
    Looks like you had a very merry Christmas - Happy New Year!

  7. I wonder, Jenny, do you remember every doll you have ever made?

  8. What dear little babies! I have to admit I am struggling with envy:-P Where oh where can I learn to make these?

  9. Fiona loves her doll! It is the orange/red haired doll. She calls it Fiona, so it is a little confusing sometimes. Thank you so much, Jenny. Our whole family was so impressed with your work.

  10. Your dolls are so beautiful! I just made my daughter a doll for Christmas, & I am so glad that I did as it is much more special than buying something mass produced from a store.

  11. Beautiful work! I'm sorry you didn't get photos of them all, but they were clearly ready to head off and be loved. Many children clearly had merry Christmases!

  12. Jenny, I am in total love with your dolls... I have admired them since I first saw them on Jewel's blog. I am glad to have found you through her. They are exquisite, you are truly talented!
    My Cup Runneth Over...

  13. Oh Jenny, your dolls are truly beautiful. I'm in awe of your talent.

  14. Hi Jo, if you look at my post on October 28th 2007 you will find some resources for making doll clothes, all the books mentioned have patterns.

    Hi Dawn,no, I really don't have any trouble sending them off. It means I get to make some more.

    Hi Jody, thank you, I always wanted to be a hair dresser.

    Hi Lizz and thank you. With your beautiful wooden toys you get to be a part of the magic too, it's wonderful isn't it.

    Hi Martha, thank you.

    Hi Rain and welcome

    Hi Stacy, my dolls have always featured woollen garments but the latest group have been dressed for our southern summer. There will be more dolls with winter woollies in the New Year.

    Hi Anna, yes I think I do.

    Oh Diane don't be jealous, you can find out how to make the dolls at any Waldorf school or check out my post of October 28th 2007 for on line tutorials and books.

    Hi Evelyn, I'm so pleased both you and Fiona like your doll.

    Hi Christie, that's great. It's wonderful we don't have to rely on the toy stores isn't it.

    Thank you Bettina.

    Oh Chas, thank you so much for your kind words.

    Hi Sue, you are making me blush. With your gorgeous felt toys and Lizz's wooden toys we could corner the market on handmade toys.


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