dolls, winners and a coffee

18 Dec 2007

What a day! You can now call me stupid, I need to learn the word NO. I had a phone call from a sweet girl on Sunday enquiring about a doll for Christmas . I gave her the details and she said she would ring back . I thought I would never hear from her again but she called back on Monday morning and in no way forced me to make her a doll. I knew how much I had to do but I said yes anyway. I could hear her little girl in the background playing . So I said YES.

I know how this young mum felt, knowing what she wanted for her child and knowing she was asking for the almost impossible. A doll maker helped me once many years ago and really I'm happy to share that kindness. I just have to be careful that I don't spread my time to thinly.

The main frustation for the day was that our email was playing up, in fact we have been having computer problems since Friday last week with only patches of normal service. I owe several people emails and I'll answer as soon as I can . Our service seems to be back to normal now, fingers crossed. I especially want to apologise to Jayne. I'll write as soon as I can , it was so lovely to get your email the other day.

So I have spent the day doll making , I am also doing a couple of other emergency dolls which is fine but I have other things to do and unfortunately only one pair of hands. Louis, Andy and Kate have been wonderful and are keeping on top of the housework and washing and having a good time. And obviously I'm not too overworked as I have found the time to doodle away on blogger.

Now it really is time to stop doodling and organise some dessert and a very welcome cup of coffee so I'll announce the winner of the Christmas book give away.........the winner is MISSY.
If you could email me (fingers crossed) with your address I'll post it as soon as I am able.

8 Responses to “dolls, winners and a coffee”

  1. I had a doll emergency one year. I had decided to make my younger daughter a doll, bought a kit, and then just couldn't get it to look right. It was not working and she most desperately wanted a doll. Luckily, a friend had a key to the school store and I was able to sneak in and get the last one--a red head just like my daughter. Since then, I've learned to make dolls.

  2. Your dolls are spectacular!

    It's so nice of you to take on that last minute request.

    Good luck, lots of happy motivation and stamina vibes to ya ;)


  3. I can totally relate! It's so easy to get caught up in the spirit of Christmas. You have to do whatever you can to earn those pointy elf ears! ;-)

  4. Bless you for your kindness toward that loving mama. I know she must be thrilled. Your dolls are wonderful, adn will make that little girl very happy, I'm sure!

  5. Jenny, it was so kind of you to agree to make that doll in the last minute. But I can imagine it was quite a stress.

  6. We all get ourselves into that last minute crunch with one thing or another I think. The little girl and her mom will be thrilled no doubt!

  7. Hi Jenny -
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know you did so.
    Your photos are lovely, and as a dollmaker I am always so interested in others dollies - yours are beautiful.
    I also took a last minute order - a wee fairy family, due Saturday.
    (Slaps self on forehead). It is worth it though isn't it? I'll think of you as I burn the midnight oil, knowing I have good company!

  8. it is so nice that you made the doll, what a happy mama & child you would have made! last week I tried to find a doll for my daughter for christmas with no luck, so I bought a pattern & all the bits I need & it has been so rewarding to make one myself. I know it isn't perfect, but it was made with love & care & it will be wearing a hat becasue I can't crochet so it is hairless-opps!


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