Christmas mantel

14 Dec 2007

christmas mantel

Slowly our house is taking on its Christmas costume.

christmas mantel

The mantel in particular is looking festive and happy.
Tomorrow we put up the tree.
Then it will definitely be a Christmas house.

new vase

This morning Kate and I went to the op shop ( charity shop/thrift shop). We had a great time. We found some lovely old JG Meakin plates to add to the dinner plates we already have so now we definitely have enough for Christmas dinner.
Kate found a denim skirt and purple tshirt.
All the books were half price so I bought a wonderful book on fruit growing in Australia complete with harvesting and preserving notes and recipes, a CWA cookbook from the 70s, some lovely Little Golden Books for 10c each, a hard cover Shirley Hughes book for 10c and some vintage knitting patterns including two from WWII with notes apologising for limited stocks of yarn due to the needs of the troops and the other with the number of coupon points necessary to knit the garment.

bargain wool

I got all this wool and cotton for only $6, the wool on the cones is from the Bendigo woolen mill.
I also bought two pottery vases you can see them in the picture of the bookcase and the one of the mantel. They are both filled with pink roses.

christmas gift

I posted off this present to an overseas friend though it will probably arrive just after Christmas, oh well better late than never.

advent calendar

We are marching our way through the Advent calendar, only 10 more mornings and then all the pockets will be empty and Christmas will be here. I wonder what Christmas will bring this year....


5 Responses to “Christmas mantel”

  1. snowdomes, roses, op shopping and wistfully staring out the window waiting for Christmas. Delightful!

  2. A very nicely decorated mantel!!


  3. I'm always, always late gettung the Christmas stuff in the post some folk are lucky to see their gifts in time for Easter!

  4. All your things are lovely, but the little Silent Night quilt is especially dear. A very merry to you, and take care as this last week winds down not to spread yourself too too thin!


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